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Can't get enough of canvas tote bags!

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Do you own a tote bag?

Canvas tote bags (also called shopping tote bag or shoulder tote bag) are excellent for grocery shopping and a good way to spare the environment for disposable plastic bags. The canvas bag has become more popular the past couple of years, which relates to an increasing environmental awareness among people.
Good reasons to own a shopping tote bag - No. 1 from the left: Market-buy in Berlin. No. 2: Etsy.com (depeapa). No. 3: Market-buy in Berlin. No. 4: For free at a book sale in Oslo. No 5: Monki
Good reasons to own a shopping tote bag

I like tote bags because they're practical, environmental friendly and never boring.

You can get reusable bags in different colors, patterns and designs. This bag suits everybody and caters to almost every need, whether you're shopping for groceries or clothes, or bringing books for school.
Blue canvas tote bag from Yack Fou
One of my favorite shoulder
tote bags (designer Yack Fou)

Did you know that 50% of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away?

Regular plastic bags (made out of oil) can be recycled, but have very slow degradation time. If the plastic is thrown on the streets, in the ocean or in the forest, this will have consequences for the animal life. For example: Marine animals, birds and turtles can get entangled in the plastic, drown and die, or the animal mistakes plastic for food.

Shopping tote bags are usually made from cotton or other washable material, which means that they can be re-used several times. So, consider your canvas bag as an investment. The cost will be small, and the value will be huge.

It was during the 90s that tote bags in general became a fashion piece. Canvas tote bags have become very trendy in recent years and for the hipsters, canvas bags are an essential part of their style.

The tote bag has become a statement item, and some might say a status symbol. It's not uncommon to see various slogans or quotes on a canvas bag, normally reflecting the attitude or opinions of the bag owner. Here in Scandinavia, people are carrying a reusable tote bag pretty much everywhere in the cities.

Where can you get tote bags?

  • Flea markets and vintage clothes shops
  • Ebay.com
  • Etsy.com
  • Music festivals and other events
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
  • Museums
Grey canvas tote bag from etsy.com
Grey shopping tote bag from
etsy.com (depeapa)

Etsy is my favorite place to browse for shopping tote bags, because they're hand-made by talented people and the design is mostly unique. Some shops offer  reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags for free (or sometimes you need to pay a small amount to receive one).

Certain NGOs offer shopping tote bags as part of the membership such as WWF - you should check it out :-)

So, you don't own a tote bag? What's your excuse now? :)

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