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Exhibition in Oslo: "Live well - sustainable design
in your everyday life"

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Tonight I was at the opening of an exciting exhibition here in Oslo. The exhibition shows various sustainable design solutions for textiles, food and housing (in Norwegian the exhibition is called "Lev Vel - bærekraftig design i din hverdag").
Exhibition about sustainable design for textiles, food and housing
Exhibition about sustainable design for textiles, food and housing

The openings of new exhibitions are not just about the exhibition itself, but also mingling and talking to like-minded people :) And of course, to loosen up the atmosphere, the free alcohol and snacks. I drank like three glasses of red wine and stuffed my mouth with kale chips while learning more about the exhibition! :)

Interesting tips and facts from the exhibition:

  1. "Old, new, borrowed and blue" = why not try clothing rental? As an example, the Dutch brand Mud Jeans leases jeans to its customers. After the leasing period, you can either keep the jeans or switch to another pair of jeans. This way, you can borrow "new" clothes and never get bored of what you're wearing.  

  2. "Tailored - made for you" = more companies these days are approaching the principle of not storing more clothes than necessary. This is not only cost-effective, but also very environmentally friendly. Companies that live by this principle tailor the clothes you buy. If the jeans you have bought are too long (which they often are), the salesman will ask you to come back after a week or so to get a new and tailored jeans. 

  3. Did you know that the production of jeans requires about 10.000 liters of water? The cotton plants need watering, the fabric needs coloring and the jeans needs washing. The textile industry is in fact one of the largest water consumers and polluters in the world. 

  4. Designers should avoid spoilage. Fabric rolls and materials come in standard widths. And when producing a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, it's common to use only about 60% of the fabric or material. There was some information about the brand Adidas, that uses about 90% of the material in their production of jogging- and dancing shoes.

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Sustainability exhibition in Oslo, Norway at Doga
It was packed at the exhibition at Doga in Oslo
Clothes hanging from the ceiling at an exhibition in Oslo
Lingerie hanging from the ceiling at Doga

Clothes and silk bras were hanging from the ceiling, or nailed to the walls. It was inspiring to see that clothes don't need to be boring or look old, even if they're second-hand or recycled. Learning about the process behind production of clothes, and how we can lessen our ecological foot print was probably the most valuable lesson I learned from the exhibition.

If you're living or are visiting Oslo, you should stop by! :-)

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Environmentally friendly fashion at Doga in Oslo, Norway
Recycled and re-designed clothing in Oslo

Where and when:

The exhibition is held at the Norwegian Center For Design and Architecture, from October 30 to November 30, 2014. Olaf Brastad from the environmental foundation Bellona gave a powerful speech and did the honor of opening the exhibition.

The curators are Kjersti Kviseth, Kristin Støren Wigum and Benedicte Sunde.

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