Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ootd re-use: Aztec and military boots

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Ah, it's a beautiful Sunday and time for some good coffee and stomping around the city.

This is my first outfit post - even if I have a bad-hair-day. This is me. No retouching and posing. I hate that to be honest :) But I do love to inspire other young women to re-use their clothes, even if they were last season's, dress independently and to not be afraid of patterns or anything else that sticks out.

Stick to your style, and not trends. You can still look awesome! :-)
Fall outfit of the week with ethnic elements
Fall outfit of the week with ethnic elements

Today's outfit: Oversized dark blue coat (Samsøe & Samsøe, bought in 2013), boots (Steve Madden Trooper bought in 2014), aztec leggings (no label, from ebay bought in 2012), black shirt (Urban Outfitters, bought in 2014), scarf (Minimum, bought in 2013).

When it comes to fall and winter coats and jackets, I stick to one or maybe two classic jackets/coats and wear them for years.

It's better to invest in one or two high-quality coats because frankly you don't need more than one or two. You should go for neutral colors like black, blue and beige, that pretty much go with everything! ;-)

Some people frown upon purchasing expensive clothes when they can get two or three garments at a price of $30. Aren't you tired of clothes that 'fall apart' after a few times in the washing machine?

As an example, the black shirt from Urban Outfitters I'm wearing was a bit expensive (€50 I think), but now I believe it was worth buying it. I'm not claiming that every piece of garment from Urban Outfitters is of better quality, but my experience is that some of them are. I've washed it a couple of times now, and the fabric is still soft!
Elephant silver necklace
Elephant silver necklace bought at the market in Oslo

Ethnic style is in the spotlight this fall and winter 2015 and will continue well into summer 2015, with aztec/navajo prints and geometric representations.

No outfit is complete without some jewelry! The hand-made elephant necklace seen in the picture above was bought at the Sunday market in Oslo (Blå sondagsmarkedet).

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