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Why I love shopping in Berlin

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Two weeks ago I was in Berlin for business, and stayed over the weekend to explore the city. There's no shortage of shopping opportunities in Berlin. It all comes down to what you're looking for. 
Street art near Berlin wall
Street art near the Berlin Wall

I was looking for second-hand and vintage stuff. Before I left for Berlin, I read about Prenzlauer Berg (north of Alexanderplatz) and the Sunday market in Mauer park. 

Firstly; in Prenzlauer Berg, we were surprised when we saw the neighborhood's Saturday market, filled with fresh vegetables and fruit, clothes, hats, ecological soaps and body products, paintings, books, jewelry and much much more.  

Head-hunting for jewelry I stumbled upon this nice booth. 
Jewelry booth at the Saturday market in Prenzlauer Berg
Here I bought two set of earrings (one pair 8 euros, two pairs 14 euros), and one tote bag (8 euro). Love the tote bag, by the way! 
Jewelry in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Lots of cute, quirky necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in Prenzlauer Berg
Cute shop in Kastanienallee in Berlin
Shop in Kastanienallee

The girl who sold me the earrings was really sweet and she gave me a business card. If you can't afford to travel to Berlin and love cute jewelry, you should take a look at meineketten's shop on Etsy. 

Read interview: Johanna Rott - the jewelry maker behind Meineketten.

We continued walking and after getting lost a couple of times, we ended up in Kastanienallee close to the Eberswalder strasse u-bahn. I found this small shop with canvas tote bags, posters, some jewelry and other cute and quirky things. I bought another tote bag here and a poster with the famous moon illustration by Yack Fou

Other shops in the area are Flagship Store in Oderberger strasse, where you can find clothes made by local designers (both men and women). The clothes looked nice, but they weren't my style so I didn't buy anything here. 

The next day I went to the infamous Sunday Market in Mauer Park. We arrived pretty late, about 40 minutes before the market closed (they close at 18.00 by the way). 

Still, we had some time to look around. I bought two more tote bags...yeah, I know, I am insane (one for 8 euro and two for 14 euros). 

Sunday Market in Mauer Park, Berlin
Oh no, some of them are already packing!
The Sunday Market is insanely large! If you're planning on serious shopping here, I recommend to spend at least 3-4 hours here. Trust me, there's so much to see here. And if you get hungry, just turn around and grab a quick currywurst or vegetarian food from the Middle East.

A last-minute purchase was a vintage leather bag for 15 euro (it was priced 20 euro, and tried to bargain down to 10 euros, but the seller was pretty tough). 

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Other tips for shopping in Berlin:

  • We bumped into some shops near Alexanderplatz, in Munzstrasse (including American Apparel where you can find sweatshop-free clothing). 
    • The nearest u-bahn stations are Rosa-Luxemburg platz (U2-line) and Weinmeisterstrasse (U8-line).
  • Humana is a popular second-hand chain store in Berlin, with stores all over the city, in Eberswalder strasse, Tiergarten, Alexanderstrasse etc. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the shopping in Berlin. I just wish that I had more time. I'm going to return to Berlin, that's for sure. Not just for the vintage shopping, but also the attractions like the Museum of Modern Art and the vegetarian/vegan food :)

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