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Christmas Gift Inspiration and Ideas from A to Z - from
a conscious shopper's perspective

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Need gift inspiration for Christmas? :-)

In this post I've focused on eco-friendly gift ideas, that don't include the usual gifts like new clothes, new iPhone or anything like that.

I believe that giving gifts that the receivers may actually need and use (food, drinks and experiences), is a lot more rewarding, than giving something that they would just stash away in the back of the closet and never use ;-)
White Christmas in Norway
© Andreios Belaza

Being a sustainable shopper can also mean supporting small independent niche designers, purchasing craft work to support artisans in developing countries, buying vintage, second-hand or re-designed products.

Christmas gift ideas from A-Z

A - acupuncture, "adopt-a-book" at the library (adopt a title), adopt a sea creature in their name (ex., adventure weekend, African dancing lessons, airline gift card (only if the recipient has planned something), allotment membership fee, amusement park trip, annual pass to indoor/outdoor swimming, art gallery admission.

B - babysitting one day a week for two months (you decide), ballet tickets, bee hotel in the garden, beer tasting for two, boat trip with friends, body massage for two, bottle of wine, bottle of whiskey, bowling night, box with fresh vegetables from local farmers, Broadway show tickets, brunch for two, bungee-jumping.

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C - cabin trip with friends, carrot cake (home-made), ceramics course, champagne tasting, charity donations in their name, cheese cake (home-made), cheese delicacies, Christmas cake (home-made), Christmas desserts (home-made), cinema for two, clay shooting lessons, climbing course, collection of food recipes (self-made), collection of street art pictures (self-made), concert tickets, computer course (online), cooking course, couple dinner, craft work lessons, create a website, cupcake course.

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D - dinner at a favorite restaurant (friends and family), dinner in the dark, diving course, drawing lessons, driving lessons.

E - ecological Christmas food.

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F - facial treatment gift card, fair trade chocolate, fair trade coffee, fair trade tea, fair trade wine, family portrait shoot, fashion show tickets, festival tickets, festival gift card, fishing trip, flower bouquet, food delicacies, football game tickets, foot massage, French lessons.

G - gift donation to an environmental organization in their name, go cart for two, golf course, gourmet dinner, gym membership for a limited period.

H - hair cut, herb plants, herb seeds, home-made things from Etsy, hotel weekend for two.

I - illustration class, Indian cooking course, insect hotel in the garden, Italian cooking course.

J - jazz concert tickets, jazz festival, jokes collection/compendium (self-made).

K - kettlebell course, kite-surfing course.

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L - lunch for two.
Second-hand furniture as Christmas gift inspiration
Second-hand furniture as Christmas gift inspiration
© Andreios Belaza

M - macarons in different colors (home-made), magazine subscription (home, art, fashion, food, cars, history - preferably electronic versions), makeover make-up, meditation retreat, membership card at museums, mindfulness course, "Model for a day" photo shoot (including stylist and make-up), mountain trip, music concert, music lessons.

N - nail spa, neck and back massage, newspaper subscription, nice plant.

O - one day without social media and just each other, online newspaper or magazine subscriptions, organic food home delivery gift card.

P - paintball for one day, painting lessons, palm reading, pastry course, personal shopper, personal trainer at the gym, photo album with old pictures of you, photo collage, photographic safari, photography course, Photoshop course, pistol shooting with friends, plant a tree in their name (ex. treepeople), poetry on CD, portrait photography, prepare a romantic dinner, prepare an organic meal, private lessons in martial arts.

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Q - quiz collection (self-made), quotes collection (self-made - gather inspiring, motivational funny, cool quotes).

R - Rail Europe gift card, recording studio gift card, re-designed items, reusable shopping tote bag (self-made).

S - salsa dancing lessons, seafood cooking class, second-hand furniture, sewing course, singing lessons, sky-diving (indoor or outdoor), social media marketing course, spa day for two, Spanish lessons, squash lessons, stand-up show tickets, surfing lessons, surprise getaway, sushi course.

T - tango lessons, tarot card reading, tent camping, Thai cooking class for two, Thai massage for two, theater tickets, tickets to a special event, tickets to the opera, train ticket gift card, tree top adventure park gift card.

U - up-cycled products, used books at

V - vegan food/dessert products, vegetable seeds and plants, vegetarian food/dessert products, vintage clothes and accessories, visit lonely and elderly people (Red Cross), volunteer project fee (if you're planning on traveling).

W - weaving course, weekend trip for two (cabin, metropolitan), welding course, white water rafting, window washing, wine and cheese night for two, wine and chocolate evening for two, wine tasting for two, writing course, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) membership.

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Y - yoga class for two, yoga retreat.

Z - zodiac sign reading

Do you have any more ideas? Share it with us in the comment field below! :-)

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