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Creative tips on how to make a ring necklace
from your existing jewelry

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Are you tired of your necklaces and considering buying a new one? Hold on for a second!

Why not wear your existing jewelry differently? ;-)
Personal tips on how to make a ring necklace
My personal tips on how to make a ring necklace

Ever been a fan of "Sex and the City"? Do you remember when Carrie was engaged to Aidan, and she wanted to try something new with her engagement ring?

That was the scene when she put her engagement ring on a necklace, so the ring could be closer to her heart, she said.

Recently I've been applying the same principle by combining a set of rings and a chain.

You should also consider it because:
  1. If there's one thing that is easy to re-use and re-invent, it must be the jewelry. I bet that you own a lot of jewelry :-) According to the Daily Mail, most women wear less than half the jewelry they own.1 Yes, I know, it's insane and I feel guilty on all counts.

  2. You probably have a lot of cool jewelry you want to wear. You'd probably be overdoing it if you wore half of your collection, right? :-) By wearing a necklace with rings, you can spread the rings out, and get to show your favorite pieces of eye-candies. 

  3. Making these kind of necklaces is a good way to renew your outfit! It's all in the details and how we wear our outfits. Trust me, you should try it :-)

  4. For fun's sake: You got to admit that it's a pretty creative way of wearing a necklace :-)

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Tips on how to make a ring necklace:

I'm wearing a ring necklace - guide on to make one
I'm wearing a ring necklace
  1. First of all, find a chain to use. The easiest way is to borrow a chain from your existing jewelry collection or buy one at a hobby craft store.

  2. There are several combinations to choose from! If you have a necklace with a pendant (like the elephant necklace in the picture), you can either a) add a ring, or b) remove the pendant and use two-three rings instead.

  3. I prefer to use small rings so it won't steal too much attention from the rest of the outfit. But you can also use one large ring, and a small one together.

  4. It's a matter of taste, but avoid mixing statement rings together. A good mix is one statement ring and a small ring/a discreet pendant. 

    Keep it simple and don't overdo it. The same principle applies for all statement jewelry, including necklaces. The statement ring is meant to be the center of attention. 

  5. Also a matter of taste, but if you choose a silver chain necklace, you should put silver rings on. You prefer gold? Then add some nice gold rings :-)

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1 Daily Mail: Women age 40 typically have a collection worth £6,000.

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