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Three sustainable options for Christmas party outfits and outfits for New Year's Eve

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Do you treat yourself with a new dress every year for Christmas and New Year's Eve?

By the time you have retired, you would probably have owned at least 40 different dresses. How many of them have you actually worn at least twice? ;-)
My sustainable Christmas party outfit 2014
My Christmas party outfit 2014: Second-hand dress from Fretex, dot stockings from
Swedish Stockings and chevron necklace from etsy

So, what are your sustainable alternatives?

1. Instead of buying a new dress - why not do "the cycle"? Every second or third year, you can wear the same Christmas party dress or New Year's Eve dress.

If you're handy with the sewing machine you can do some alterations (make it shorter, add/remove the sleeves). Maybe add some ribbons or sequins to the sleeves or along the hemline.

2. Another earth-friendly option is to borrow a dress from one of your girlfriends, sister or whoever. I'm sure there was a time when you thought "Ah, I also want that dress!" Well, now's your chance!

3. Opt for a vintage or second-hand dress. You'll be wearing something unique, which you can style with nice jewelry and a pair of pumps. It doesn't get any better! :-)
Sustainable stockings from Swedish Stockings
© Swedish Stockings
Swedish Stockings sexy dots
Swedish Stockings sexy dots

For the Christmas party I attended two weeks ago, I wore a second-hand dress bought a couple of months ago. Believe it or not, it's second-hand Zara! I just fell head over heels for the material, pattern and the pocket detail.

A Christmas party outfit is not complete without stockings. This year I decided to try a pair from Swedish Stockings, made from recycled nylon.

My experience is that almost every pair of thin stockings I've worn didn't last the night. I like to dance and surprisingly, this beauty from Swedish Stockings lasted all night, despite my crazy dance moves.

No holes. No rifts. 

The first time I put them on, I felt that the stockings were of different quality from what I'm used to. The stockings from the Swedish brand are beautiful and durable, and that's all I need in a pair of stockings.

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Sustainable hosiery by Swedish Stockings
Sustainable hosiery by Swedish Stockings

So, any drawbacks?

Not really, but some people would probably react to the price. You're maybe thinking; why buy a pair of stockings for €15 when you can get maybe three pairs for the same price...?

  1. My answer is that these are high-quality stockings that have the ability to last longer than some low-quality stockings from the high street. In the long run, you'll be able to save money. 
  2. And of course, there's the sustainability bonus. The benefits of creating new products from recycled yarn, is that the process normally requires less energy, produces less waste and less chemicals. 

If I peeked your interest, check out the stockings at the Just Fashion Shop.

Read my post about Swedish Stockings and Just Fashion.

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Do you really need a new dress for Christmas/New Year's Eve?

If you must buy something new, let it be something classic. Yes, you heard me right - classic, such as a black cocktail dress, or other similar dresses in neutral colors like black, green and dark blue.
New Year's Eve in Oslo
New Year's Eve in Oslo

By purchasing a classic party dress, you can -
  1. re-use the dress because it's timeless 

  2. save yourself from future frustrations, not knowing what to wear
It's also my experience that I've saved money in recent years because I invested in one or two classic dresses.

Don't get me wrong, you can still look fabulous wearing a classic dress! It all depends on how you style and wear it. That's the thing about clothes in general - it's not about the clothing itself, but how we wear it that will attract the attention of others.

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