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A sustainable style in 2015: Ideas for
New Year's resolutions

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Need some ideas on how to create a sustainable wardrobe? :-) Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you on the way to an earth-friendly style in 2015 and onwards.
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1. Quit shopping clothing for a while

" Find out what you already have by de-cluttering your wardrobe and bringing out the clothes that are hidden in the back of the closet. "
A pause from shopping for two or three months may do your wallet some good. You will have more time to spend with yourself, friends or whoever you care for, maybe read that book you've always intended to open ;-)

Or save money for small projects, new hobbies or larger projects like a new dish washer, new car or new hobby.

Is it hard to quit shopping?

It depends on your shopping habits. If you're a frequent flyer as I call it, you might have a hard time in the beginning. But it gets better and the urge to shop something new will fade with time. A shopping "addiction" is like any other habit. You will get used to it ;-)

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2. Buy fairtrade, organic, vintage and/or second-hand

If you need to buy something, let it be fairtrade, organic, vintage or second-hand.
Fairtrade cotton. Photo courtesy of Fairtrade International.
Fairtrade cotton. Photo courtesy of Fairtrade International.

With the abundance of online fairtrade and vintage/retro shops, you won't have a problem finding something that fits your style. It's a matter of whether you're willing to pay more for a garment :-)

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Practical guide to ethical shopping.

3. Don't throw clothes in the garbage

A sustainable style in 2015 - don't throw away clothingClothes that are thrown away in the garbage will eventually end up in the landfills.

Donate the clothes you want to get rid off to thrift stores or directly to charities. Another option is to sell the clothes and accessories online, to get rid of the clothes and at the same time earn a bit money.

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My third suggestion is diving into the world of clothing swaps. Maybe you and your girlfriends can arrange swap meets and exchange clothes, shoes and jewelry. It doesn't need to be an ordeal - it can be just you and your best friend hanging out, drinking red wine and trying each others clothes on! :-)

4. Buy clothes in organic materials

If fairtrade, vintage and second-hand sound too overwhelming, you might want to put your money on organic clothing. Start small with underwear made from organic cotton.

These days you can get t-shirts, tops, jumpers and dresses in 100% organic cotton. Make sure that the garment is labelled certified organic. The certification system varies from country to country. In the US for instance, the product has to meet the standards of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and be certified by the certification body, in order to label the product organic.

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