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The pros and cons of a minimalist wardrobe - from a sustainable perspective

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First of all, what is a minimalist wardrobe?
From a sustainable perspective, it means that you have a closet that consists mainly of clothing that can be used over and over again, that last longer than the average fast fashion item.
The pros and cons of a minimalist wardrobe from a sustainability perspective, by Eco in the City
A minimalist closet

You don't stuff your closet with short-lived trendy pieces, but you'd rather invest money and time in fewer medium- to high-quality clothes and accessories.

Being a minimalist in the fashion world translates to 'less is more'. And in many cases, the simplest is the best.

So, when I talk about a minimal wardrobe in this article, I'm referring to the sustainable perspective as in fewer clothes and accessories, and not the fashion and style perspective where simplicity in the clothing design is essential.

1) What are the advantages of a minimal wardrobe?

  1. Less clothes in your wardrobe gives you a better overview of what you own,  and thereby giving you a chance to use every piece of clothing, even the clothes that are stored in the back of the closet. When you have an overview you can easily decide if you need anything new.

  2. Fewer pieces in your closet prevents wrinkling and misshaping of the clothes, making the clothes last longer since they will look new and psychologically this might make you want to wear the clothes.

  3. And of course, a minimal wardrobe has its environmental advantages. Since you invest in clothes that last longer, you're turning your back on the fast fashion industry that produces and renews mostly low-quality clothing collections every 4-6 weeks.
  4. Advantages of a minimalist wardrobe
    Advantages of a minimalist wardrobe. Photo courtesy of Darya Petrenko (
  5. The best practical advantage of all, fewer clothes simplifies your everyday life. Each day we have to face multiple choices. What to cook for dinner, what color to choose for the nail polish and of course, what to wear. Make it easier for yourself and simplify your wardrobe.

I don't know how many times I've stared at my wardrobe and got stressed out by thinking that I don't have 'nothing' to wear. Having too many choices adds to the daily stress. You can do something about it, and remove the stress factor of having too many garments to choose from.

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2) What are the disadvantages of a minimalist closet?

  1. With less clothes in your closet, you might wear out the clothes faster, but this depends on a) the quality of the garment, b) how you treat the clothes on a daily basis and c) how often and how you wash the clothes.

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  2. Since you have fewer clothes to choose from, obviously, you can become bored of your closet more quickly. A way to work around this is capsule wardrobe, but requires that you have a good portion of basic clothing.

  3. A minimal wardrobe might not fit all clothing personalities. Bohemian fashionistas or others who appreciate boho elements in their clothing style, might find a minimalist wardrobe challenging because there are fewer clothes to layer the outfit with or fewer accessories to dazzle with ;-)
The pros and cons of a minimalist wardrobe - from a sustainability perspective
The pros and cons of a minimalist wardrobe - from a sustainability perspective

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