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Sustainable outfit of the week (3-2015): Casual blue and curious yellow

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Blue and yellow are some of the key colors this upcoming spring and summer! I love these two colors together and decided to put together an outfit for you, which is a mix of fairtrade, second-hand and eco-friendly. It can't go wrong with a pair of timeless jeans and some unique accessories! I get this 'the-girl-next-door' feeling when I see this outfit.
Sustainable outfit of the week (3-2015) - casual blue and curious  yellow
A sustainable outfit - casual blue and curious yellow

Firstly, here are some of the key colors of spring and summer 2015: 

Key colors blue of spring and summer SS 2015

Different shades of blue are in season, and did you know that by wearing something blue, this will psychologically have a calming effect on you? Well, the color is at least associated with trust and sincerity.

Key colors yellow of SS 2015
And lastly, the color yellow is unsurprisingly associated with happiness, intellect and energy. Hmm, sounds promising! :-)

Onto the outfit; this week I chose the following: 

(click on any links to read about the product - PS: these are unpaid links)

A 90s blue grunge mohair cardigan ($48) from etsy/milkteeths. The cardigan also goes well with tops in light colors like white, off-white and beige. And neutral colors like dark blue, dark grey and black.

[Editor: item is sold] Check out other items from MILKTEETHS.

Rain Drop Tee (£30) from the British People Tree. The t-shirt is made from 100% certified fairtrade cotton by artisans in South India, who are part of the enterprise Assisi Garments. According to People Tree, the Assisi Garments purchase the organic cotton from Agrocel farmers in Gujarat.

What's Agrocel? It's a company in India that is certified for fairtrade and organic production.

[Editor: item is out of stock] Check out other items from People Tree.

Bamboo washed skinny jeans from Monkee Genes (£65). These are mid-rise jeans made from the natural fiber bamboo and are 'PETA-Approved Vegan', verifying that the jeans are vegan. You should check out the bamboo collection of Monkee Genes - they have some great jeans in store for you.

[Editor: item is sold] Check out other items from Monkee Genes.

Yellow coral necklace from etsy/JullMade ($31) are made by the Bulgarian self-taught jewelry designer Yuliya [editor: item is sold]. The necklace is made from sponge coral beads, handmade polymer branch and brown cotton cord.

[Editor: item is sold] Check out other items from JULLMADE.

Orange vinyl stud earrings from etsy/LesCreationsdAna ($14) are made from recycled vinyl record, coated with high-quality glass like resin.

[Editor: item is sold] Check out other items from LesCreationsdAna.

Cotton tote bag from etsy/Kayayogawear ($10) with a tiger screen print. It's designed by the British designer Kate Garaham, who now lives in Bali, Indonesia. Not only suited for carrying your yoga mat, but can be used for practically everything; shopping, school, work-out and generally an important piece in your daily wear.

[Editor: item is sold] Check out other items from KAYAYOGAWEAR.

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