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20 Useful Clothes Care Tips for the Conscious Fashionista

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So, why should you take care of your clothing?

For one, your clothes will look great and this will make your total appearance attractive ;-) Secondly, proper clothing care results in longer wear and adds value to your wardrobe investment.
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Daily care

1) Let your clothes rest between wearings so they can regain their shape (and so you can use the other clothes in your closet).

2) To avoid deodorant staining, let it dry completely before you put on your top.

3) When you get home and are ready to jump into something more comfortable, hang or fold your clothes to maintain their shapes.

4) Fold knit garments because they tend to stretch when hung in the closet.

5) You should use the right clothes hanger to preserve the original shape of a garment. Tubular hangers are good for most clothes, like jumpers, cardigans, t-shirts and shirts. Padded hangers for silk blouses and dresses. Pants hangers for jeans and ordinary pants. Skirt hangers for skirts.

For your suits, coats and other heavy garments, you should opt for wooden hangers.
Various clothes hangers: wooden hanger, pants hanger and skirt hanger
Wooden hanger,
pants hanger and
skirt hanger

6) Don't overcrowd your closet, because overcrowding causes wrinkling in the clothing and they can lose shape.

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7) To prevent cracking around the boot ankles, you should stuff the toes with cardboard tubes, newspaper or tissue paper, to retain the shoe shape. This applies especially for leather shoes because leather stretches out easily.

You don't need to fill the shoes/boots with newspaper, but at least so the ankles are stabilized.

8) Do you own an expensive leather bag? To remove stains, use a proper leather cleaner, or send it to your local leather cleaning services.

9) You should fix small tears immediately before they develop into bigger tears. Trust me, you should ;-) And any loose thread should be sewn into the fabric right away to avoid further unraveling.

Clothes care tips - storage:

Why take care of your clothes - from a sustainability perspective
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10) To store out-of-the-season clothes, use plastic garment bags and to allow the air to circulate, leave the zipper slightly open. Or you can purchase garment bags that breathe, in mesh or canvas.

11) Store leather bags in dust bags/covers, or a pillow case if you don't have one. Do this to avoid scratches and to prolong the life of the bag.

12) Vintage and thrift shoes are not that durable like new shoes. So store them properly and don't throw them in a pile with the other shoes. Line them nicely in a proper box, under the bed or on top of the wardrobe.

13) Always wash the clothes before you store them. Have in mind that insects love the smell of perspiration, food and drink.

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Clothes care tips - washing: 

14) Is the garment washable? Almost all fabrics can be washed, including cotton, viscose, polyester and nylon, while silk and rayon should be hand-washed.

Wool can be washed, but be sure to use the right program. Maybe the wool jumper only needs some fresh air for a couple of hours, to remove the cigarette odor (instead of washing?)

15) Before you start a washing a load, turn the garments inside out to reduce fading in the color.

16) Use mesh laundry bags or an old pair of stockings for delicate lingerie, blouses and other stockings. Or hand-washing is safer.

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17) For vintage clothes, it is important to check it for any weak seams or loose buttons before washing. Will the garment handle one round in the washing machine? Or should you wash it by hand or maybe send it to the dry cleaning?

If you're unsure, be on the safe side and go for gentle hand-wash with a mild detergent, or even better - dry cleaning. If there are any loose buttons, do a bit of sewing before washing.

18) Zip zippers and fasten hooks to avoid damage on the other clothes while washing.

19) You should avoid using a fabric softener when you wash your workout clothes. Fabric softeners reduce the fabric's ability to absorb moisture (which is kind of the point with performance clothes).

20) After washing you should hang your clothes immediately to minimize wrinkles.

Do you have any more tips for clothing care? Type in the comment field below! :-)

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