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Sustainable outfit of the month (February 2015): Winter Edgy Chic

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Do you enjoy the edgy style or maybe the rock chick style?

In this post I'll show you how to combine the edgy style with sustainability! :-) An edgy outfit with a eco-friendly touch doesn't need to be very expensive. I've chosen affordable pieces that will make you look smashing! :-)
Sustainable outfit of the month (February 2015) - winter edgy chic
Sustainable outfit of the month - the theme is edgy chic

For this month I've chosen neutral colors like gray and black, with a hint of spring on your nails. Purple is one of the hottest spring colors, and adds glam to an edgy chic look.

Purple as a key color in spring and summer 2015
Purple as a key color in SS15
The purple color is associated with spring, from lilac to red violet. And did you know that the color represents power, independence and mystery?

Sounds perfect for the edgy style! :-)

Here's the eco-friendly outfit of the month: 

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Eve stripes dress from Armed Angels (€ 39,90). I love this dress! It suits well in a casual daily outfit, but will also fly if you're going on a casual date or a winter party :-) In the summer, you can wear the dress without the stockings and wear low-ankle Converse lace shoes.

The dress is slim fit and made from 96% cotton and 4% elastan. The German company Armed Angels has been a licensee of Fairtrade since 2007, and ships internationally to several countries.

If you're lucky to live in Germany, you'll find their clothes in ordinary stores (ex. Wertwoll, Supermarche - Organic & Fair Trade, La Femme Farmacia) in for instance Berlin.

[Editor- item is out of stock]. Check out other dresses from Armed Angels.

Nina fishbone stockings from Swedish Stockings ($ 20), that specialize in eco-friendly hosiery. Stockings from this Swedish company are made from recycled nylon. I own three different pairs of these, and they're just beautiful and durable.

I chose the fishbone pattern since it gives the outfit a rougher look :-) You can also combine the dress with ordinary black stockings or to make it more quirky, black polka dot stockings. Ordinary black and polka dot stockings can also be purchased at Swedish Stockings.

Click here to read my review of Swedish Stockings.

Vegan biker style boots from Vegan Chic ($ 42) are 100% vegan, and have a simple buckle detail and rounded toe. Vegan Chic specialize in animal-friendly footwear and is known for combining quality and style.

Slouchy Vegan Tote Bag from Free People ($ 68) is 100% vegan and has a removable and adjustable long leather strap. Free People, that focuses on boho clothing, offers a nice selection of vegan tote bags.

Nail polish shimmering aubergine called Widow Woods Nightcap, from Scotch Naturals ($ 15). The brand offers eco-friendly and non-toxic nail polish, which is a great alternative to ordinary nail polish. Because some nail polish include toxic ingredients (source: WebMD).

Black edgy necklace from a travel-inspired collection of jewelry made by etsy/travelbysea ($ 55). A bad-ass necklace named BOSS, with brass details and magnesite spikes (magnesite is a mineral, by the way).

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