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Just another Saturday: Clothing Swap Meet at Trade Day Oslo (2015)

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A couple of weeks ago, Trade Day arranged two large swap events at MESH in my hometown .

You could bring whatever you wanted including clothes, accessories, shoes and bags, but they had to be neat and clean :-)
Review of Trade Day Oslo in Norway - 2015 - events in Oslo
Event in Oslo: Trade Day (clothing swap meet)

I love the concept of re-using clothes and prolonging the life-cycle of a garment. I had some clothes and a pair of ankle boots I wanted to bring, and decided to stop by and 'swap' clothing. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew that I had to be there as early as possible. My gut feeling was telling me so.

... And I was right! ;-)
Used clothes and shoes for swap meet event in Oslo
Clothes and shoes I'm giving away for Trade Day Oslo
Packed at Trade Day Oslo - a success!
Packed at Trade Day Oslo - a success!

They opened the doors at 12.00 and I arrived around 12.30.

By then, the place was packed and we were walking very slowly towards the entrance, more like a herd of sheep. There's no doubt that the event was a success!

The goal was to get upstairs where you could find women clothing. Racks and tables were nicely lined up in the room. I saw some empty hangers and young women were flocking around me while I was hanging up the clothes. Before I was finished, they had already taken some of my old tops. Yeah! :-)

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Because the thing is... you could pick whatever you wanted from the racks and tables. No limits whatsoever. It was not even required that you bring clothes.

It was like being at a large sale, with women grabbing whatever they thought looked good and tried them on in an empty corner. It might sound like a 'Black Friday', but even though it was packed the attendees were polite to let people through. And people were just smiling and having fun :-)
People filling large bags with second-hand clothing at Trade Day Oslo
People filling their bags with free second-hand clothing at Trade Day in Oslo

Me and my cousin circled around for maybe 15 minutes. There were probably more than 2,000 who stopped by and in the midst of everything I met an old acquaintance who had diligently filled her backpack with clothes :-)

I was impressed by the selection of clothes, anything from cheap to more expensive brands. If you need a breather, you could grab a coffee and homemade muffin at the Café Mesh downstairs.

When I returned to the rack where I hung up my clothes, 11 of 13 pieces were gone! Wow!

The event was not a trade meet per se, where you trade clothing one by one. But it doesn't matter because the goal of the event is giving clothing a second chance, and reducing the need to shop for new clothes ;-)

It's almost guaranteed that whatever you leave, it will be gone after a couple of minutes. And it's almost guaranteed that you will find something that you like.

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