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22 signs that you may have an eco-conscious lifestyle

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Are you greener than you think? Maybe you are without even realizing it! ;-) Or maybe you just need some tips on how to have a more sustainable lifestyle? Keep reading! :-)
recycling bottles and glass - 22 signs you have an eco-conscious lifestyle
22. signs that you may have an eco-conscious lifestyle. Copyright: / ginasanders - 123RF Stock Photo

sustainable shopping - just fashion in Oslo
Sustainable shopping in Oslo
1) Before considering going shopping, you take the time to explore more potential in your existing wardrobe. You think about how you can re-design the clothes, or who you can borrow items from.

The few times you need to go shopping, you think about what your favorite vintage or second-hand store has in house.

2) Whenever anyone compliments your clothes, you instinctively say: "Thanks, it's thrifted". And you feel proud about it! :-)

3) You don't throw clothing in the garbage, but donate them to thrift stores or charities.

4) Whenever your friends call and tell you about a new sale at H&M or another fast fashion store, this doesn't excite you at all.

5) When you go shopping, you always check the label.  

What is it made from? Where it is produced? How is the seam work? You can walk away from a product that is not considered sustainable, ethical or of good quality (even if it was a killer dress!)

6) You make an effort at waste sorting at home: compost, plastic, carton/paper, metal and glass.

7) Before discarding an item, you take the time to consider its potential for re-use (ex. recycling candle jars). 

8) You get annoyed when people throw their garbage in the street, who don't bother to walk a few extra steps to throw it in a waste container.

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9) You have considered becoming a vegetarian at least once and try your best to reduce your consumption of meat.
Vegetarian burger at the Oslo Vegetarian Festival
Vegetarian burger at the Oslo Vegetarian Festival

10) Whenever you go grocery shopping, you normally look for organic alternatives whether it's fruit, vegetables, eggs or pasta.

11) You're served red wine at a party and wonder if it's organic or biodynamic ;-)

12) You have shopped at least once at

13) You always carry a shopping tote bag in your hand bag, to avoid purchasing plastic shopping bags at the grocery store.
Street market in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin - organic products
Organic products at a street market in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

14) You envy your friends that own a vegetable garden.

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15) The idea of a self-sufficient life where you grow your own food and make your own beauty products has struck your mind at least once.

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Berlin as a sustainability city Exberliner
Berlin as a sustainability city
16) You have a genuine interest in news coverage about environmental challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and/or animal welfare.

You have a low threshold for sharing important news about the environment on social media, and when you're talking to friends and family.

17) You're following at least three environmental NGOs on social media, whether it's on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

18) At home you're conscious about when to turn off the lights, how much water you use in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and how often you wash clothes.

19) You get cranky when you wake up in the morning, and realize that you just missed a yoga session and your weekly portion of mindfulness.

20) The feeling of having had enough of the daily stress, and you strive to become more of a minimalist in at least one area (wardrobe, interior, fewer appointments and more 'me'-time, less spent time on social media and etc).

21) You have an iPad, Kindle Fire or other tablet computer for reading documents and books, and to limit the number of paper printout.

22) You follow websites and blogs about environmental protection or in general sustainability, and read articles about how you can be greener... by the way, you're doing it right now ;-)

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