Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Revolution 2015 - Who Made My Clothes?

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Today is Fashion Revolution - the day we commemorate the victims who died when the previous factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed. And the day we ask the brands - Who made our clothes?

Are you conscious about who made your clothes? Has the thought ever struck you? Because there was someone out there who made your clothes, no matter how cheap it was :-) We've come to a point where we should start asking questions and become active, conscious consumers.
Who made my clothes? Fashion Revolution 2015
Esprit - #whomademyclothes

This day I'm asking the brand Esprit who made my lovely off-white tunic, which I've owned for over a year bought at the Swedish store called MQ. I love it and I would like to know who made it :-)

Why should you join the Revolution?

Solidarity - together we stand stronger and hopefully more brands will show more transparency regarding their clothing production including the people who made our clothes.

To demand more transparency - so the consumers can build a long-lasting relationship with the garment, as it would have more value. With information on who made your clothes, you will treat it differently, learning to respect the work and the garment. We, as consumers, deserve this information. We paid for it. 

What can you do?

  • Take a selfie showing your brand by wearing it inside out (example, see how I did it above)
  • Tag the brand #whomademyclothes and post it on Instagram or Facebook
  • And voila... you're done! :-)
  • Go beyond this day and ask yourself this question: "Who made my clothes?" This alone will help you become more conscious the next time you go shopping.
You can download free campaign materials at Fashion Revolution. Click here. 

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