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Ootd re-use and quality: Feeling Blue and Classic

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In the spirit of Fashion Revolution (yep, that's today) I thought it was about time I posted a new outfit post.
Ootd re-use and good quality: feeling blue and classic
Ootd reuse and quality

This time I've picked an off-white tunic that I bought in early 2014 from the American brand Esprit, a classic trench coat with a twist from one of my favorite Danish brands - Samsoe Samsoe, dress pants from Swedish ACNE Studios and my good old Converse shoes with a low-cut.

Sorry if I look like a fell off a roof top. LOL. Having a runny nose and a frigging bad hair day doesn't exactly make picture perfect :-)

And if you have observed it - yes, these are considered classic pieces. I usually use Converse shoes or other casual shoes to dress down, to give it more a laid-back look.

Let's talk about classic clothing.

Why should you choose classic clothes?

  1. Well, for one classic clothes are timeless. You can wear classics today, or in one year and still look 'in time'. An example is the trench coat.

  2. Secondly, classic clothing is versatile and can be used for most occasions, whether you're at work, at a dinner or just meeting friends to hang out.

  3. Thirdly, classics look good on many women because a classic garment would never be extreme, tight or revealing. This makes the clothing style suitable for all sizes and shapes, in my opinion.

    I don't have a body like a model (large breasts, broad shoulders and athletic in shape). After trial and error, I've realized that classic clothing is what suits my body shape best. Even though I'm quirky at heart :-)
Classics do not need to be boring. That's up to you and how you style the outfit :-) Make the outfit YOURS! Wear some jewelry or a belt, tuck in the top (like I've done) to show the proportion of the pants or mix classic pieces with more trendy garments.

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The post continues below the picture.
Tunic from Esprit, dress pants from ACNE Studios and trench coat from Samsoe Samsoe
Tunic from Esprit, dress pants from ACNE Studios and trench coat from Samsoe Samsoe

The white tunic I'm wearing is considered classic, but has a modern twist (animal-like print). It's probably one of the best purchases I've ever done. I've used it so much and the quality is still good. Esprit was already a pioneer when it came to organic farming in the early 1990s, and the organic cotton that is used in their clothing is GOTS certified.

The trench coat and trousers are newer and were bought for a business trip to Myanmar :-) When it comes to classic clothes, I find it reasonable to spend more money and go for luxury fashion brands.

The pants I'm wearing are from ACNE Studios, and are the best dress pants I've ever worn. Not just because of the high-quality, but also the high comfort. I've washed them a couple of times now (hand wash program), and they still feel like new.

If you want excellent service, go to ACNE Studios. They even offered me to shorten the pants for free. And after seeing these pictures, I think I'm going to take up on their offer ;-) LOL.

ACNE Studios also offers t-shirts and dresses in the sustainable material tencel (lyocell), and collaborates with Fair Wear Foundation, an independent organization working with companies and factories to improve labor conditions for garment workers.
Trench coat from Samsoe Samsoe and tunic from Esprit
Trench coat from Samsoe Samsoe, and tunic from Espirit

As I mentioned earlier, the blue coat is from Samsoe Samsoe. A classic trench coat with some details that I absolutely love. The brand is known for delivering quality products and fabulous Scandinavian design :-)

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