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Review: Second-hand and vintage markets in the spring wind

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Every spring there's always some extra movement in the second-hand and vintage markets. This spring is no exception ;-)
Second-hand and vintage at Fashion Archives in Oslo
Second-hand and vintage at Fashion Archives in Oslo

Fashion Archives in Oslo

Fashion Archives is a place where vintage collectors and top fashionistas sell their treasures.

The concept first started in Berlin in 2012, under the name "The Wardrobe" which has now expanded to Oslo. In Berlin, the concept is a night clothing market unlike Fashion Archives which is a Saturday day market.

The last Fashion Archives event was last Saturday on April 11th, held at Kulturhuset in downtown Oslo from 12-17 pm. Since they sell second-hand for men, I decided to bring my cousin for the ride :-)

Kulturhuset is one of the newest hip social arena in Oslo, where entrepreneurs gather together and talk about a potential project over a cup of coffee. A place where the hipsters thrive on conversation and creativity.
Jackets, shoes and a lot of people at Fashion Archives in Oslo 2015
A lot of activity at the Fashion Archived! :-)

As I expected, people were flocking around the clothing racks at the Fashion Archives. They have pretty much everything when it comes to clothing, both cheap and more expensive brands, from colorful clutches to retro jackets at NOK 100 and NOK 200.

Whether you have a street style, vintage style or a classic clothing style, there's something here for you :-)

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Spring Market at Vulkan in Oslo

Today I went to the spring market arranged by EvaMia Interior.

The concept is to gather like-minded participants who care for sustainability, and this year these were:
  • Just Fashion that specialize in ethical and slow fashion

  • Evig Vintage (translated to Eternal Vintage) that offers bohemian inspired vintage clothing

  • Empowered Voices sells handcrafted jewelry made by artisans in Uganda

  • WayaWaya offers beautiful purses that were handmade in Zambia. 

  • EvaMia Interior provides kitchen supplies, soaps and jewelry handmade in Palestina and Uganda. 
Spring market at EvaMia Interior at Vulkan, Oslo
Spring market -

It was a relatively small market tucked away in the basement of the Vulkan mall, right across the city's largest food hall.

I arrived at around 2 pm and there were few customers in house. On your left hand, there was a table with some delicious cinnamon rolls (free taste samples) from Handwerk Bakery.

First I stopped by EvaMia Interior, and immediately noticed their selection of kitchen supplies and flawless cutting boards in olive tree, made in Palestina.

I continued the round to Just Fashion's 'booth'. You could find clothes from the brands Kerber, Age of Enlightenment (AOE), Apollonius, DoubleYou and beautiful jewelry from A/Bareness.

AOE is known for selling clothing in fairtrade organic cotton, while the Swedish Kerber owns a factory in Vietnam where skilled tailors are trained according to their quality standards.

Next to Just Fashion stood one clothing rack with vintage dresses and jackets (Eternal Vintage), Empowered Voices (colorful jewelry from kr 150) and WayaWaya (beautiful handbags).

In the corner they had arranged a tiny trading marked for used interior stuff. People had handed in used textiles, an alarm clock and other small stuff. You could grab whatever you wanted - for free.

All in all, the spring marked was a great initiative to promote sustainable products.

Just too bad that there wasn't more customers that stopped by (possible that there was more activity before I arrived). It might have something to do with the choice of location. People don't just stumble across the basement of Vulkan mall. You have to actually know about the event beforehand, to get there.

Blue (Blå) Market at Grunerlokka 

Blå marked at Grunerlokka in Oslo
The 'Blue' Market at Grunerlokka in Oslo

Every Sunday you get to experience some of the most vibrant markets in Oslo. It's the place where you can get handcrafted products, newer items and vintage accessories like leather bags, pumps and jewelry.

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