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Sustainable outfit of the month: April 2015 - Spring Chic

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Different hues of orange are definitely the key colors this spring!

Don't think the color suits you? Well, good news is that orange comes in various shades.
Sustainable outfit of the month - April 2015 - Chic spring fashion
Chic spring fashion - sustainable outfit of the month

You don't have to be tanned or look like an African model to carry clothes in orange and look spring chic ;-)
Orange key colors of spring and summer 2015
Orange key colors of SS 2015

There's no surprise that orange is one of the trendy colors this season. Traditionally, orange is associated with what the spring stands for: warmth and creativity. A taste of summer!

This month I decided to combine orange with blue, which by the way is an unexpected color combination if you like to stand out or you just want to spice things up.

When I combine colors from my wardrobe, I go for my instinct and previous experiences. I'm not far off because according to designers and their color wheel, orange and blue do go together (known as complementary colors).

Here's the eco-chic outfit of the month:

(Click on any link to read more about the product. These are non-commercial links).

Cosima Blouse in white from People Tree (£48). A blouse made from 100% cotton and hand-woven by a Fair Trade group in Bangladesh.

The blouse is simple, but has some nice details above the chest. This type of clothing goes with everything, and suits any occasion! :-) A tip is to tuck the blouse into a skirt or some loose pants, to get a more chic and modern look.

[Editor - item out of stock]. Check out other tops from People Tree.

Libertie Tencel Skirt in orange red from Komodo (48.60). This is a high-waist pencil skirt, which makes it great for tops and blouses (and you get to tuck in the belly ;-))

Inspired by the culture and colors of Asia, Komodo has been in the sustainable game since the early 90s, promoting eco-friendly clothes in fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, hemp and bamboo.

Tencel, also known as lyocell, is a fabric made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Why choose tencel? Tencel is a great alternative to viscose and cotton, because to grow eucalyptus it requires a lot less water and fewer pesticides than conventional cotton.

The fabric is fully biodegradable, and can take up to 6 weeks to decompose in compost :-)

[Editor - item out of stock]. Check out other items from Komodo.

Vintage 1980s Trench Coat from etsy/citizenrosebud. I fell in love with this trench coat when I researched for this post, because of a) the design, b) it's in cobalt blue and c) it's vintage ;-) I think it goes well with the shade orange red [editor: item is sold].

You should check it out ;-)

Wayfarer Sunglasses - Bonny Naranja from etsy/MODvintageshop ($ 25).

The sunglasses are new-old-stock (NOS) made in Spain. NOS usually means that the product was made a long time ago, but never reached the retail shelves. NOS-products are new, but have never been used which is a great opportunity to breathe life into 'old' objects! :-)

Read: what are the differences between vintage and second-hand.

White Locket Necklace from etsy/FreshyFig ($ 23.50). Add more chicness and a bit of a boho-element to the spring chic outfit, by wearing this adorable locket necklace from one of my favorite Etsy stores.

I just love the bird detail and the color combination of white and turquoise. FreshyFig specializes in layered necklaces and vintage pendants :-)

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