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The Monthly Telegraph: April 2015

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Welcome to the first 'edition' of The Monthly Telegraph, where I'll be writing about events, sustainable clothing brands, sustainable items with a cause, organic food and whatever that catches my green attention each month ;-)
This monthly telegraph: Fashion Revolution 2015, HM Conscious Exclusive Collection, Business of Fashion and Stella McCartney, This Bag Saves Lives, Gina Tricot Scandinavian It Girl organic collection
Photo courtesy of Fashion Revolution, H&M, Gina Tricot and This Bar Saves Lives

The Fashion Revolution

In one week you should join the Fashion Revolution! On April 24th we will be commemorating the 1,133 victims who lost their lives that day and the people who got injured (over 2,500) when Rana Plaza in Dhaka collapsed. They were not just factory workers. They made your clothes. 

So how can you contribute?
Take a selfie showing the label of your clothes (you can turn your clothes inside out to make a statement). And then tag the selfie with #whomademyclothes ! Follow Fashion Revolution on Instagram.

If you haven't seen the BBC documentary Clothes to Die for, click here. (opens in a new window, you'll be redirected to dailymotion) Be prepared though. I struggled to hold my tears back. It was THAT powerful and I don't cry easily ;-)

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

Yesterday H&M launched its yearly Conscious Exclusive collection. The first time I heard about the Conscious Collection in 2011 (when the first collection was launched), I was skeptic. Was this just another 'green stunt'?

This year the actress Olivia Wilde is representing the new collection. And some of the clothes are already sold out!

It's claimed that the clothes are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, organic silk and tencel, recycled materials like recycled polyester, and sequins made from recycled plastic.

Click here to read more about the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection.

Gina Tricot Scandinavian It Girl Collaboration - sustainable collection

On April 9 the second Scandinavian It Girl collaboration and sustainable collection were launched. The Swedish fashion blogger and environmentalist Emma Elwin has designed the giant's new sustainable collection, that contains recycled polyester, organic cotton and tencel.

I stopped by H&M and Gina Tricot today. Click on the link in the previous section to read more about the collections and my visit to the shops.

Business of Fashion 'Seven Issues Facing Fashion Now'

Business of Fashion launched a special edition this spring, with Stella McCartney on the front page. The theme is 'Seven issues facing fashion now' and includes articles like:

1) How can the fashion industry become more sustainable? An interview with Stella herself - the queen of green fashion. And a dive into the business of Inditex - the mother company of the fast fashion brand Zara.

2) How can be safeguard the people that make our clothing? The focus is on how the high street brand Marks & Spencer has managed to be an ethical company.

Buy a copy now £5.

Read: The pros and cons of a minimalist wardrobe.

Sustainable item with a cause: 'This Bag Saves Lives'

A cute shopping tote bag handcrafted by artisans in Bangladesh and made from recycled materials. For each bag sold, they provide malaria treatment to someone in need.

The Hollywood actress Kristen Bell has partnered up with the company This Bar Saves Lives, and co-designed the bag with Apolis - a company that strives for business with a social impact.

The bag is available at $ 28 :-)

Continue to read:
Practical guide to ethical shopping.

How to build a sustainable wardrobe.

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