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Sustainable outfit of the month: The Vintage Boho Chic Style

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I'm so ready to tan my pale legs, enjoy sunny weather all day long, music festivals and chilling with friends and my boyfriend when the summer hits the door! Are you? :-)
Sustainable outfit of the month: The Vintage Boho Chic
Sustainable outfit of the month: The Vintage Boho Chic

Think fringes, kimono, flower power and ethnic pieces!

Remember when Kate Moss pulled the 'heroin chic' in a Calvin Klein campaign in the 1990s, and later in the early 2000s the term boho-chic was used with a reference to boho Moss? Yeah, Kate Moss and also Sienna Miller were the pioneers of boho chic style and fashion.

The outfit I've created this month is inspired by the boho-chic gal who enjoys a good festival and love summer, with a focus on sustainability. The outfit testifies that you can look stylish and be sustainable at the same time.

From a sustainability perspective, vintage clothing is about re-using clothes that were made over 20 years ago, while handmade clothing is about supporting small local businesses and avoid getting caught in the fashion chain store web :-)

There are so many skilled and talented artisans who make great, unique items - making it possible for you to create your own personal style :-)

Here's the sustainable outfit of the month:

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White vintage crochet top from etsy/TheWanderly ($26). Love this cute crochet top that can be worn like shown in the outfit above, or over a bikini with a pair of hot pants [editor: item is sold].

According to the seller, the top is probably from the 1990s and in a very good condition.

Black Levi's 501 vintage jeans from etsy/Costume204 ($49).

Who doesn't love a pair of great jeans, especially the infamous Levi's 501? :-) According to the seller, the jeans are from the 1990s or older. I opted for black to give the outfit a more relaxed and slightly edgy look (couldn't help it. LOL).

Levi's 501 in original blue is awesome too, and goes well with the rest of this outfit.

Handmade fringed beach komono from etsy/hypoxicandlost ($65) [editor: item is sold].

Kimonos are back this year (read: the 70s is back). I fell in love with this fringed kimono when I stumbled upon it on Etsy. It's handmade in Australia.

The kimono goes well with jeans, hot pants, bikini - yeah, pretty much anything.

Handmade camel brown fedora hat from etsy/shoptreasurehunt ($32). A really cool fedora hat that suits for everyday use, but also if you're going to a festival this summer and want to do the bohemian look, or choose the hat in black to fit your hipster look :-)

The hat is made from 100% wool.

Chevron necklace from Mata Traders ($29). Mata Traders is known for selling fairtrade products, and the chevron necklace is of course fairtrade! The company co-operates with organizations that work with empowerment of women, through education and employment.

Material used is brass, which I think is a great material for boho chic style, giving your outfit a more relaxed and down-to-earth impression.

Sea bracelet in gold from Be Fair & Bloom ($18). After travels in South America, Kelly Jernigan founded the Be Fair & Bloom. This stunning bracelet is handmade by artisans who work in a fairtrade certified organization located in India.

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