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Green Your Summer - with Eco-Friendly and Portable BBQ Grills

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Looking for eco-friendly BBQ grills? Summer is closing in, and last week I purchased the portable eco-friendly BBQ grill called Barbeco :)
Eco-friendly portable BBQ grill Barbeco
Eco-friendly mini-grill. Photo courtesy of Barbeco

To put it mildly; here in Norway disposable grills are frequently used each summer when people head to the beaches and parks.

A few years ago Norwegians bought over 1,2 million disposable grills annually. Fortunately, the numbers have decreased. Even so, Norwegians buy more disposable grills than our neighbors in Sweden even though there's a considerably smaller population in Norway.

Compared to disposable grills, the Barbeco is more eco-friendly because:
  • the grill can be used multiple times (it's made from enameled steel)
  • the briquettes are made from coconut shells and are 100% biodegradable. Recycling coconut shells to briquettes is one way of re-using something that is normally considered as waste

You don't need lighter fluid to fire things up, only the briquettes and a lighter. Light your fire! ;-) Another thing I liked about Barbeco is the details. It's light, portable and comes in a heat-resistant bag with a fireproof mat. My gut aches when all you can see in the parks are burned rectangular marks in the grass after one day with disposable grills.

Ecoque and LotusGrill portable BBQ grills
Photo courtesy
of Ecoque and LotusGrill

I haven't used the grill yet because of the weather in Oslo, but as soon as the heat comes I'll be ready with the grill and some delicious vegetarian BBQ food ;-)

The Barbeco is a Norwegian invention, but you can find eco-friendly and portable BBQ grills in your country as well.

In the US, you might want to check out the Ecoque that offers portable grills. According to their site, their grills are energy-efficient and consumes up to 75% less fuel than similar sized grills.

The German LotusGrill is considered more eco-friendly than other charcoal grills, because you use very little charcoal and the charcoal specifically used for LotusGrill is of better quality, giving less smoke when you're making food.

The LotusGrill can be found in 25 countries including Australia, UK, US, Canada, The Netherlands and Sweden.

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For my Scandinavian readers:
I forrige uke kjøpte jeg den miljøvennlige grillen fra Barbeco.

Jeg har ikke brukt den enda siden været ikke har tillatt det helt, men jeg står klar med grillen og digg vegetar grillmat når solsteika kommer! :-)

Glem engangsgrillen og kjør grønt i år og i årene som kommer.
Barbeco på Rimi Pilestredet Park
Barbeco paa Rimi Pilestredet Park

Barbeco kan brukes flere ganger. Brikettene er laget av kokosnøttskall, som er en fin måte å gjenbruke noe som vanligvis sees på som avfall. Vi bruker gjerne kokosvannet og kokosnøttkjøttet, men hva med skallet?

Grillen kan fås kjøpt på matbutikker som Ica og Rimi (kjøpte min på Rimi til rundt 200 kr inkludert en pakke med 16 briketter). Du kan også få tak i grillen i nettbutikken til Naturvernforbundet og trenger du flere briketter, kan du stikke innom Friends Fair Trade butikken i Storgata (Oslo).

Dette er en helt sinnsyk investering som er verdt å prøve ;-)

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