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Heading Towards Yet Another Eco-Friendly Summer Vacation in 2015

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Our summer vacation is all set. And this year we're going to... nowhere! :-) Just kidding. We have decided to spend the summer here in Norway like we did last year :-)
On the top of the mountain near Volda, Sunnmøre, Norway
Vacation in Norway from 2013

Our plan is to hike Gaustatoppen, the highest mountain in the county Telemark. About 1/6 of Norway's surface is visible from this mountain, and it's considered to be the country's most beautiful view point. A trip that takes about five hours in total. Or with us, it's going to take a bit longer than that. LOL.

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And then another trip to one of the mountainous regions in Norway, to visit my boyfriend's grandfather. He's over 70 years old and outwalks us every time we go hiking with him. He's more fit than two 32-year olds together! ;-)
Picking tomatoes in a tiny greenhouse in Norway
From last year: grandfather's greenhouse with tomatoes in any size, and enormous cucumbers.
I look very concentrated... LOL
Washing fresh picked potatoes in Norway
Me and grandpa
washing fresh picked potatoes

Handpicking tomatoes, cucumbers and red currants from the grandfather's garden is definitely one of the highlights!

He grows vegetables and fruit in his tiny greenhouse. Whenever we're there and if the weather has been good (it sometimes rains pretty much in this part of the country and the vegetables 'drown'), he'll have some potatoes and carrots ready too.

Think about it; fresh-picked potatoes from his backyard! :-)

Growing your own food is food for your soul. You know where the food comes from. And that feeling of growing something yourself. A sense of accomplishment. A life of self-sufficiency. 

You don't need to travel abroad to have a fantastic summer vacation. Whether you live in the US, Germany or South Africa, I bet there are some awesome trips to take :-)

Traveling within the country borders with a car or public transportation can be more environmentally friendly than flying thousands miles away.
Fresh picked red currants with vanilla sauce
Fresh picked red currants with
vanilla sauce

When I say can be environmentally friendly, it's because it depends on how far you have to drive, how old the car is and how many of you who are driving.

It is said that if you take the train, you can cut your carbon print in half. The same if you're two or more driving in a small car (source: huffingtonpost).

To get to Gaustatoppen, we have to drive for less than 3 hours (one-way). And to reach grandpa 'mountain goat' we're going to take the bus that takes about 9 hours (one-way).

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For my Scandinavian readers
Da er sommerferien i boks. I begynnelsen av juli reiser vi til Rjukan og skal bestige Gaustatoppen, som tar omtrent 5 timer tur-retur.

Skal du på fjellet i sommer, er det lurt å ordne overnatting nå. Heldigvis fikk vi rom på Rjukan Gjestegård til akkurat de datoene vi ønsket.

Deretter er det videre til Vestlandet, hvor morfaren til min kjæreste bor, nærmere Volda. Dette blir vår fjerde tur opp dit og vi gleder oss.

Morfaren som er i 70-årene er i knallform og en fjellgeit, og som alltid går så mye raskere enn oss når vi er på tur :-) Et annet høydepunkt er godgrønnsakene i drivhuset hans, det å kunne plukke rips fra hagebuskene og bli litt skitne på hendene og pelle opp poteter. Ah, det er noe spesielt å kunne dyrke sin egen mat :-)

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