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Organic and Locally Sourced Food At Its Best - Review of The Restaurant Kontrast

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Yesterday was a big day for one of my closest friends - her bachelorette party! I'm one of the maid of honors, and instead of dressing up the future bride in a ballet tutu and make her run up and down the street, we decided to give her a mind-blowing food experience.
Exquisite food at the restaurant Kontrast in Oslo
Exquisite food at the restaurant Kontrast in Oslo
1. Oyster balls   2. Mackerel with herb mayo, spruce and pickled rhubarb
3. Asparagus with dried cod, anchovy sauce

She loves to try new things, so we decided to make a reservation at the pretty newly-opened restaurant Kontrast (Contrast). The restaurant is marketed as a bistro restaurant, but really - it's more of a gourmet restaurant.

The restaurant is known for serving locally sourced food, and they use organic ingredients whenever possible. One of the things that impressed me was the fact that they used weeds in the food - not exactly an attractive ingredient in the common kitchen, but they made it edible and attractive.
Ready for bachelorette party!

In the first round, we ordered the bride-to-be a glass of organic champagne. And dove into a food oasis, starting with:

1) Oyster balls that must have been fried to get that crispiness, and then they were cooled down because they were cold when you took a bite. The taste of sea exploded in my mouth.

2) Mackerel with pickled rhubarb, spruce and herb mayo - one of my favorite dishes of the evening. All the ingredients went well together, and I loved the herb mayo. I wanted to lick the plate clean :-)

3) Asparagus with dried cod on the top, and sauce made from anchovy and cream that comes from the Norwegian city Røros. Another delicious dish. They managed to balance the sauce which was a bit sour with the neutral asparagus and slightly salted and crispy dried cod.

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Sour dough bread, hollandaise cream with fire weed and egg plum,  and vegetarian main course
Sour dough bread, hollandaise cream with fire weed and egg plum,
and vegetarian main course
4) The asparagus dish was complemented with sourdough bread which you could dip in pig fat. Since I'm almost vegetarian, they gave me butter (hence no pig fat for me).

I'm not that fond of sour dough bread, but this one was actually pretty good :-)

5) Another favorite dish was the hollandaise creme with fire weed, dried rasped egg plum, and dried sourdough bread crumbs sprinkled on the top with some green.

All of these ingredients together sounds odd, but the combination was just delicious. Fire weed is normally considered as non-edible, but they managed to make it edible and appetizing. Impressive work!

6) For the main course I got a lovely plate with lots of vegetables, including pickled cucumber. The others ate organic chicken. A fresh and light main course, but I wish that they had done more with the dish. Just because I don't eat meat, doesn't mean that I only eat vegetables. I expect more from a main course. The dish would have been perfect as an appetizer.
Dessert at Kontrast, Oslo (Norway)
Dessert at Kontrast, Oslo (Norway)
7) Maple syrup cream with blue mold cheese (kalled kraftkar in Norwegian) that is cooled down and then rasped.

Not usually a fan of blue mold cheese (I always choose white mold cheese), this dessert was surprisingly good.

8) Cinnamon bun with dried yeast. I love cinnamon, but what I loved less what the white thing next to it (I don't remember what it was). The idea of dried yeast wasn't appealing at first, but it turned out to be delicious with the cinnamon. I think that the cinnamon bun and the dried yeast would have worked perfectly together without the white thingy.

9) Marshmallows with fermented flowers - these marshmallows melted on my tongue. We tried to ask the waitresses for the recipe, but they just smiled at us. Nice try. LOL :-)


All in all, the food at Kontrast was exciting and pretty much all we could say during the three hours we were there was: "Ah, this was delicious". And the service was impeccable. The Swedish waitress that served us most of the evening was so sweet and attentive. And people wonder why so many Swedish people are hired in the service branch here in Norway.

Keeping an open mind is important at Kontrast, because you'll be served food that you normally wouldn't eat at home. It's a whole new food experience! :-)

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