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A Handpicked Collection of Sustainable Fashion Brands From A-Z

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Looking for a sustainable fashion brand? :-) Check out my handpicked collection of ethical and eco-friendly brands!
Sustainable fashion brands from A-Z
Sustainable fashion brands from A-Z

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Here you'll find eco-friendly and/or ethical fashion designers.

When I first started looking at sustainable brands, the challenge was to find affordable labels.

That's why I haven't focused on high-fashion sustainable brands like Stella McCartney and Mina + Olya. I have a few of such luxury designers to mix it up a bit, but many of the listed brands should be affordable.

You can't exactly expect rock-bottom prices for eco-friendly clothing, now can you? ;-)
Ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands
Ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands

To make it easier for you, I've also added information on:
  • price examples so you get the feeling of how cheap/expensive the brand is
  • clothing styles the brand represents so you can easily find your style :-)
My Scandinavian readers will also find something interesting here!


An exciting Scandinavian slow fashion brand, and all knitwear and jewelry are produced in Kathmandu in Nepal. They use natural materials like yak and merino wool in their knitwear. You should check out their beautiful boho-inspired jewelry collection!

- Clothing style: classic, boho-chic, minimalist
- Jumpers at €110, jewelry start at €24
- Ships internationally (
- Visit shop

Age of Enlightenment (NO)

A Norwegian high-quality brand. All clothes are made from eco-friendly materials (organic cotton and lyocell/tencel), and are both Fairtrade and GOTS certified.

- Clothing style: classic, office, minimalist
- Shirts start at NOK 1,099
- Ships only to Norway (international shipping in progress)
Visit AoE.

American Apparel (US)

Known as a sweatshop-free clothing brand, and the clothes are produced in California. They also offer an Organic Collection made from 100% USDA certified organic and pesticide-free cotton. 

Clothing style: casual, classic, boho-chic, rocker/grunge chic
- Tops start at around USD $20
- Ships internationally
Visit their online shop. 

Amour Vert (US)

In French, 'amour vert' means green love. The clothing is made in the US, they use non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers and have a zero waste design philosophy.

Clothing style: boho-chic, classic chic, casual chic, casual
- T-shirts start at USD $70
- Ships internationally - visit

Armed Angels (DE)

One of my favorite brands Armed Angels offers you clothing in organic cotton. The company has been a Fairtrade licensee since 2007. 

- Fairtrade Award winner in 2012
- Clothing style: casual, rock chic, street style, quirky
- Tops start at €30
- Ships internationally
Visit Armed Angels. (in German, use Google translate)

ASOS Green Room (UK)

The ASOS Green Room was launched in 2010, and showcases various labels within sustainable fashion. You'll find Made in UK pieces, the ASOS Africa Collection, organic and fairtrade clothing. 

- Clothing style: boho-chic, vintage, ethnic
- Dresses start at around $60
- Ships internationally

Be Fair & Bloom (US)

The founder Kelly Jernigan's passion for the ethical cause started after trips to South America. At the online store you'll find fairtrade jewelry made by artisans in India, Costa Rica and Ecudaor. 

- Style: boho-inspired, ethnic
- Ships internationally

Bleed Clothing (DE)

An eco-friendly and vegan clothing brand, with collections in organic cotton, tencel, recycled polyester, hemp and other sustainable materials, and carries GOTS certification to mention one.

Clothing style: street style, casual
- Tops start at €30
- Ships internationally
Visit their site (in German, use Google translate)

Blue Canoe (US)

Blue Canoe started in 1994, and offers organic clothing made in the US. The company uses materials like organic cotton and organic bamboo in their selection. 

- Clothing style: casual, minimalist
- Tops start at $50 (check out their sale!)
- Ships internationally

Braintree (UK)

Braintree has been producing ethical clothes since 1995, and offers clothing in organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, rayon and other sustainable materials.

Clothing style: boho-chic, casual, hippie, quirky
- Tops start at £25
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Collective (UK)

The British Collective makes ethically sourced clothing in tencel/lyocell, bamboo, organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials.

Clothing style: classic, minimalist
- Tops start at £45
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Do You Green (FR)

A French lingerie brand that produces your-man-is-going-to-throw-himself-at-you lingerie! :-) And there's an eco bonus - the lingerie is made from recycled pine needles.

Style: sexy lingerie
- Underwear starts at €14
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Elroy Apparel (CA)

Elroy works closely with small developing communities in Indonesia, and the company strive to use sustainable and up-cycled materials. 

- Clothing style: classic, casual
- Sweaters start at around $60-70
- Ships internationally

Enkel (DK)

'Enkel' means simple in Danish. One of the things I find hard when it comes to organic t-shirts is the right fit and the right length. Luckily, the brand offers a solution to the problem; t-shirts in organic cotton with a more feminine fit.  

- Clothing style: casual, classic, basics
- T-shirts at DKK 280
- Ships internationally

Free Spirit Shaking Soul (SE)

A Swedish brand that specializes in boho-inspired jewelry. All products are handmade in Sweden and made from locally picked stones/crystals, recycled details and leather leftover.

Style: boho-chic, hippie, vintage
- Necklaces from SEK 250
- Ships only to Sweden
Visit their site

Hanna Dorothy (CAN)

All clothes from Hanna Dorothy are made in Canada, in East Vancouver. The company was started by the fashion designer Hanna Weale, and produces clothes in sustainable materials like tencel.

Clothing style: classic, minimalist, office
- Dresses from $155
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Inkydeep (UK)

Founded in 2009, Inkydeep offers cool surf t-shirts in certified 100% organic cotton in accordance with GOTS. And they're fairtrade certified!

- Clothing style: surf style
- T-shirts at £15
- Ships internationally
- Visit their site

Kaight (US)

A NYC-based boutique. What I love about the clothes at Kaight is the simplicity and elegance in the design. The brand uses organic cotton and upcycled materials in their collections, and features also other US brands in their store (Loup, Prairie Underground). Clothes are made in the US. 

- Clothing style: classic, chic, minimalist, casual
- A jumper cost $244
- Ships internationally

Komodo (UK)

Joe Komodo started the brand in 1988 after travels in Asia. The brand is known for ethically sourced clothing made from natural fibers (bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and tencel).

Clothing style: classic, casual
- Jumpers and blouses at around €50
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Kowtow (NZ)

Clothing from the popular brand Kowtow is made from 100% certified fairtrade organic cotton. You should check out their 4-minute documentary showing their entire cotton chain from seed to garment.

Clothing style: Classic, minimalist, chic style
- Tops at NZD $75
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Kuyichi (NL)

THE NGO Solidaridad started Kuyichi in 2001, and offers clothing in organic cotton, and were the first brand to introduce organic jeans.

Clothing style: edgy, casual, rock chic, street style
- Jeans start at €100
- Ships internationally
Visit their site.

Maiya (UK)

Vintage-inspired clothing made in the UK. Materials used are a range of organic and fairtrade, from hemp and organic cotton to up-cycled fabrics.

- Clothing style: quirky, boho-inspired, retro
- Dresses start at £65
- Ships internationally

Mata Traders (US)

Mata Traders features clothes and a nice collection of jewelry and home decor. I especially enjoy their boho-inspired and fairtrade necklaces! :-)

- Clothing style: boho-chic, classic chic
- Most necklaces are at around $30
- Ships internationally

Monkee Genes (UK)

The denim brand is known for organic jeans, which are PETA approved vegan jeans. The company also holds the GOTS certification.

- Has a partnership with the Soil Association
Clothing style: casual, street style, classic
- Skinny jeans start at £60
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Moyi Moyi (SE)

A socially conscious brand founded in 2014, that offers high-quality handmade leather goods from Nigeria. The vision is to revive local production of Nigerian leather goods. The bags are made by Obi Ononye and his family.

Style: classic, boho-chic, casual
- Bucket bags at SEK 1395, shoulder bags at SEK 2495
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

MUD Jeans (NL)

A Dutch denim brand with a cotton lease philosophy. You buy the jeans, but the cotton is leased meaning that MUD Jeans retains the ownership of the raw material. Send them back when you're done and the old jeans will be transformed into a new product or vintage denim. Clothing are made from organic cotton and/or recycled materials.

Clothing style: casual, street style, rock, grunge, vintage
- Jeans start at €119
- Ships internationally
Visit their site.

Nallik (DE)

A jewelry label with focus on raw semi precious and precious stones combined with brushed brass. Stones are handpicked in Morocco, India and US/NY, and later the jewelry is handmade in Germany. If you're visiting Berlin, you'll find their flagship store Le Monde Nallik in Mitte ;-)

- Style: boho-chic, classic chic
- Necklaces start at €139
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

Nicole Bennett (AU)

The brand specializes in edgy, fashionable and ethically made clothing, all made in Australia. Scrolling through the collection, makes me wanna jump on the buy button.

- Clothing style: edgy, grunge, cool, street style
- Dresses start at AUD $169
- Ships internationally
- Visit their site

Nomads (UK)

Nomads has been selling fairtrade clothing since 1989, including dresses, tunics, tops, blouses and skirts. The company uses a wide range of organic cotton in their collections. 

- Clothing style: boho, hippie, casual
- Dresses start at £40
- Ships internationally

PACT Apparel (US)

At PACT Apparel you'll find certified fairtrade clothes, underwear and socks in organic cotton (the brand is mostly known for their underwear and socks :-))

Clothing style: casual, basic
- T-shirts at $15, socks at $10, underwear at $20
- Ships internationally
Visit their site

People Tree (UK)

British People Tree can guarantee that the majority of clothing is fairtrade. The company produces a wide range of clothes in organic cotton that is certified by the Soil Association.

Clothing style: casual chic, classic chic, quirky, office, retro
- Tops start at £20
- Ships internationally

Reformation (US)

All the cool girls wear clothes from Reformation ;-) Their clothes are made from sustainable materials. They also offer the Obvious collection (a more affordable one), and the Don't Call Me Cute collection for women under 5'4 and under.

Clothing style: classy chic, boho-chic, high-fashion, edgy
- Tops start at $28, dresses start at $78
- Ships internationally

Slumlove Sweater Company (US)

A socially conscious brand that was launched in 2013. The knitted sweaters are handmade in Nairobi, Kenya, in one of the world's largest slums - Kibera. The sweaters are made from 100% acrylic yarn, which they source locally. 

Clothing style: classic, office. minimalist
- Sweaters start at $ 75
- Ships internationally

Spun (US)

The shop Spun was launched in Seattle in 2008, by Sara Seumae. All clothes are made in the US, made by 100% certified organic cotton. 

- Clothing style: boho-chic, classic chic, quirky
- Tops start at around $50, skirts at around $70-80
- Ships internationally

Stewart + Brown (US)

Love the chic style at Stewart + Brown. Even the celebrities wear them. Their clothes are made from eco-friendly materials like tencel, hemp, Mongolian cashmere and linen.

- Clothing style: boho-chic, classic chic, casual
- Ships internationally
- Visit their site (website in progress)

Swedish Stockings (SE)

A Swedish company that can offer you beautiful stockings made from recycled yarn, like nylon. A large part of the production is driven by renewable energy (solar cell panels).

Clothing style: any style
- A pair of stockings start at $19
- Ships internationally
Visit their site.

Have ideas for sustainable fashion brands that will should be on this list? :-) Contact me right here!

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