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Yummy brunch with some strangers (Restaurant Day in Oslo)

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Yesterday was Restaurant Day - a food carnival when strangers open their homes so you and I can feast in delicious homemade food, at so-called one-day restaurants :-) Setting up a feast fest is largely based on volunteering by people who want to share their homes and menus with you.
Restaurant Day at Frokosteriet in Oslo
Restaurant Day at Frokosteriet in Oslo

The first Restaurant Day was originally started in Finland in 2011. During the last four years, the event has been held in 70 countries, including US, Canada, Germany, France and Norway where I live.

We visited Frokosteriet (translated to The Breakfast) in downtown Oslo. My boyfriend came to town for the weekend, and it was the perfect timing to try something new. The home was packed with singles, families and international exchange students.

Once you entered the apartment, you would find the kitchen to the right, where we could choose whatever we wanted (we had to pay 70 NOK = about 10 bucks), and could eat as much as we wanted.

The fresh bakery goods and the crisp bread were to die for.

I saw a huge bowl with probably blue berry yogurt and large jars with homemade granola, and some funky eggs that I didn't try. Behind us the people responsible for the event were making more coffee and more food. I thought it was pretty organized.
Various homemade jam at Restaurant Day in Oslo
Various homemade jam at Restaurant Day in Oslo

Unfortunately, much of the lovely jam had run out but we did manage to scrape out some of the homemade plum jam, rhubarb jam, banana jam and rambutan jam. And the apple jam was just delicious. Some people kept returning to the carrot cream, but it was almost empty.

Our favorites were definitely the gluten-free crisp bread with rambutan and plum jam! :-)
Packed at Frokosteriet in Oslo / Restaurant Day
Packed at Frokosteriet in Oslo / Restaurant Day

We were a bit late and came in around 12, just when they were about to finish a mini concert in the living room.

As you can see, the living room was packed.

We did manage to occupy the piano bench in the corner, and used the piano as a table. Everything is possible as long as you want to ;-)

The first round we grabbed bread rolls and crisp bread, and added jam, granola and cilantro on top. In the second round I grabbed more of the fresh bread roll, more crisp bread and more yummy jam.
Restaurant Day - breakfast including waybread and rambutan jam
Second round including waybread

I can't forget the taste of the rambutan jam. It was frigging delicious. The banana version was OK - a bit too sweet for my palate.

My boyfriend pointed out that I had grabbed a piece of waybread (think Lord of the Rings when the hobbits brought lembas bread for the trip to Mordor).

I thought the waybread was a bit dry and filling, but my boyfriend pointed out that one bite of the waybread is meant to feed a large man. My boyfriend is such a nerd and I love him for that. LOL.

Right next to us was the large coffee casserole. See how they attached the casserole to the wall? Frigging genius!
Restaurant Day - homemade coffee please
Restaurant Day - homemade coffee please

All in all, the initiative was great, and the people around us smiled and were having a good time.

There was queue to the food, but everyone was civilized. We talked to one of the people who live in the apartment (I think), and he told us that around 120 people stopped by during the three hours they were open. This was their fourth time, and he was surprised by the increasing number of people who wanted to stop by to eat their food.

Next time I think they have to borrow the neighbor apartment or something. Haha.

The next Restaurant Day will be held on Sunday August 16th, 2015 and Saturday November 21st, 2015. Save the dates!

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For my Scandinavian readers:
Det var en helt unik opplevelse å dra på Frokosteriet i Grønnegata (Bislett) og spise sammen med fremmede mennesker. Avslappende stemning var det, og det var vanvittig mye mat, kaffe og juice som ble lagt frem for besøkende.
Skilt opp til Frokosteriet - Restaurant Day Oslo Mai 2015
Skilt opp til Frokosteriet

Syltetøyet og den ferske baksten var høydepunktene for min del. Og jeg må ikke glemme det glutenfrie knekkebrødet :-)

Du kunne finne forskjellige syltetøy: rabarbra, plomme, rambutan, banan, eple og peanøttsmør var det vi prøvde. I tillegg kunne du finne egg, svære boller med yoghurt og hjemmelagd granola.

Det var nesten tomt for syltetøy da vi kom frem kl 12. Fyren som tok imot inngangspenger fortalte oss at det hadde vært omtrent 120 mennesker som hadde vært innom. Så populært har det blitt!

De fylte opp kaffegryta jevnt og trutt, og det var ikke mangel på deilig brød og saftige rundstykker.

Følg med på neste Restaurant Day som er i august og i november! :-)

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