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Ootd re-use: The Classic Maid of Honor

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Summer time means weddings bells! Do you buy a new dress for a new wedding? Why bother when you can mix it up a bit? :-)
Ootd re-use: The Classic Maid of Honor
Ootd re-use: The Classic Maid of Honor

A week ago I was lucky to be one of my best friend'd maid of honor!

It was a small wedding of 20 people, celebrated on the golf island called Oust√łen outside Oslo. Giving lectures and speeches at work is intimidating enough, but come on, giving a speech as the maid of honor is horrifying. Trust, me I was so nervous.

My 3-minute speech went well though, and especially the bride had a good laugh. Mission accomplished! ;-)

About the wedding outfit:

Last summer we attended a 'Black Tie' wedding, with over 200 people celebrating my cousin and his bride. For that wedding I bought a simple, yet elegant dress from the Danish brand - Second Female. I chose this dress because of its versatility - it can be used several times at other similar occasions.
Used the dress for the first time - a dress from Second Female (2014)

What I love about it is its simplicity and neutralness, and can be worn at Black Ties and less formal weddings.

The wedding dress code last weekend was 'Dark Suit'.

For the ladies, that means that we can wear shorter dresses. But I settled for the full-length dress I bought last year ;-) To dress down the outfit I wore a pair of yellow boho-inspired earrings that I bought many years ago, and let my hair down to get a relaxed look.
Re-using the dress at a
second wedding - 2015

The Dark Suit dress code is less formal than the Black Tie. If you're unsure, dress like you would visit the nicest restaurant in town, and you'll be alright. The other ladies at the last weekend's wedding wore a combination of short dresses (below the knee), mid-calf and full-length dresses.

Wearing a nice shawl, a nice blazer or a shrug will complement your dress.

Personally I like wearing a shawl for weddings, because it adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. If it's windy or a bit nippy, I can easily wrap the shawl around me.

Some of the other gals wore shrugs made from real fur which they inherited from their grandmother, or borrowed from their mother. They weren't exactly proud of wearing fur, but they do get a plus for re-using.

The blue shawl I'm wearing was bought three years ago and is by the Danish brand - Day Birger Et Mikkelsen - and has been worn at three different weddings.

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Two dresses is all you need, maybe three

I own only two dresses appropriate for weddings. The full-length I've shown and a shorter one in gray. Because that's all I need, and probably all what you need ;-) (unless you're the bride, or the bridesmaid and have to wear the same dress/color).

You should choose dresses in timeless colors. White and black are no-no's. I'm not sure if red is suitable either, unless it's the color of the bride's lingerie. LOL.

But blue, beige, gray and green are safe colors, and if it's a summer wedding, the colors coral and cobalt blue are more timeless than purple, orange and yellow (in my opinion).

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