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When Your Better Half Eats Meat and You Don't

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Dating or married to someone who eats meat, and you don't? :-)
When your better half eats meat and you don't - the green lover and the meat lover. LOL

I speak from experience when I say that it can be challenging when you, from time to time, have to cook two different dinners. Without sounding like a relationship therapist; is compromise the best solution?

I always thought that eating the same dinner was kind of a sacred thing for couples. You know, making dinner together, bonding and talking. You slice and dice, while he prepares it in the pan.

However, this past year I've come to think that it's more important (in the case of the green lover and the meat lover) that you eat together and enjoy your meals together. 
Enjoying our meat and vegetarian meals together :-)

I don't know how long you've been a vegan, vegetarian or a pescetarian. For my part, in spring 2013 I decided to leave the meat wagon (any meat except for fish and shellfish). My boyfriend on the other hand, loves the meat.

Sometimes we eat fish/shellfish together and that's fine. But what happens when I want to eat purely vegetarian for one week? Well, he normally takes part in the vegetarian food I cook :-) He even cooks vegetarian for me, when I'm all tired and grumpy after work.

Just yesterday he made us omelette that contained bulgur and plenty of vegetables :-)

Edit March 30, 2016: I've removed fish, shellfish and eggs from my diet which probably makes it even more difficult to cook dinner for me ;-)

What happens when he/she wants to eat meat?
Compromise. In the beginning my boyfriend made it a habit of asking me first, which was weird because he didn't need my permission. He can eat whatever he wants.

Now, he communicates: "Amanda, I want meat for dinner" and cooks his own food which is totally fine for me.

I eat my veggies. And he eats his meat. It's how it should work. 

I don't force my eating habits on others, and others don't force their eating habits on me. It's the ultimate solution to food peace :-)

What if he only eats meat, and doesn't want vegetarian/vegan food at all?
The wish should be respected. It's one thing that he doesn't like vegetarian/vegan food or he needs time to get used to your food habits.

Another thing is when he doesn't even want to try. Frankly, this one doesn't testify much understanding in the relationship. But that's only my opinion ;-)

Do you cook dinner in the same pan?
We use the same pan, but don't cook our foods together. Our arrangement is that my better half cooks his steak after I'm done with my veggie business. I'm not picky, but I really don't want my food covered in animals' fat. Sorry.

To sum it up:
  1. Try to meet halfway and have an understanding for each other's food choices and habits

  2. Make it a habit of talking through next week's menu, so both of you are prepared to cook your own breakfast, lunch and/or dinner

  3. When discussing the weekly menu, find at least one day when you can cook and eat the same dinner (if possible). It can be more fun when you make something together :-)

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