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Introduction: Get the most out of your vacation with WWOOF - Volunteering at Organic Farms

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Where are you traveling next year? Want to learn more about organic farming and growing your own food?
Organic farming.  Photo courtesy of WWOOF Norway
Organic farming.
Photo courtesy of WWOOF Norway

Today there was media coverage about tourists from Italy and the United States who volunteered at one of the organic farms in Norway. How, you ask? By WWOOFing.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms; an opportunity to do something meaningful while you're vacationing ;-)

So, how does WWOOF work?

You participate in the day-to-day activities at the farm: sowing, harvesting, weeding, composting, milking, fencing and much more - in exchange for food and accommodation at the farm.

It's your opportunity to get hands-on experience with organic farming, and to meet like-minded people :-)

I read about WWOOF today in the newspaper, and one of the volunteers from Italy said that she felt like she was working with the farm owners, and not for them.1 Which to me sounds like the volunteers and the farm owners work together - and it becomes kind of a small community.

Not only did the volunteers at this particular farm (Bergsmyrene gård) learn the practical side of organic farming, but also experience the gorgeous nature in Norway. I'm a little biased since I'm Norwegian, but damn, we do have stunning nature :-)
Learn organic farming via WWOOF Photo courtesy of WWOOF Norway
Learn organic farming via WWOOF
Photo courtesy of WWOOF Norway

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There's a subscription fee to join WWOOF, which varies from country to country. According to WWOOF, the fee can be anything from 0-$72.

A membership in WWOOF Norway cost €25 which allows you to connect with 130 hosts and 1615 volunteers. If you're planning on backpacking in Thailand and want to contribute there, a WWOOF membership costs €42.

Other countries:
Spain: €20/year
Germany: €18-25/year
India: US$25 (single)/year, US$40 (couples)/year
Peru: US$18/year
South Africa: $25 (international members)/year, US$35 (joint/couples)/year
Canada: $60 (single account)/2 year, $75 (joint account)/2 year

You can find WWOOF in a lot more countries than those listed above. You can read more about how it works here.

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