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Parmesan Kale Chips Recipe - Baked, Crispy and Simple

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Ready for some crispy parmesan kale chips? :-) So, how to make kale chips the simple way? This recipe is tried at least a dozen times :-)
Parmesan, baked kale chips recipe
Parmesan kale chips recipe
Parmesan gronnkål chips

In 2012 my 'mother-in-law' Ellen, introduced me and my boyfriend to very delicious homemade baked kale chips. That was the first time I tried kale.

Back then I felt that kale was an undervalued vegetable. Almost nobody I knew used this vegetable in their cooking. Here in Norway I still get the impression that kale is a common ingredient among mostly vegans and vegetarians, but not so widespread in other kitchens, which is a shame.

Firstly, why bother eating kale?
One good reason is health. Kale is packed with vitamins (A, C and K) and minerals (potassium, zinc, phosphorus and calcium).

According to WebMD, a cup of raw kale contains nearly 3 grams of protein and omega 3-fatty acid (omega 3 can be found in fish too), and also folate which is key for brain development.

Check out Helen's 23 science-backed health benefits of kale.
Vegetarian meal in 2012, at Ellen's

I've tried various ready-to-buy kale chips from organic stores, but frankly they weren't to my taste (and were expensive). Why buy kale chips when it's very easy to make your own? ;-)

A couple of tips before you start, to get delicious, crispy kale chips:
  1. Make sure that the kale is dry before you blend them in the oil and parmesan

  2. Tear kale into equal bite pieces to get an even baking 

  3. Use preferably original and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. You can also use parmesan cheese that are inspired by the original Parmesan, but I find that the taste is almost immaculate when I use the original Parmesan cheese (less salty and a cleaner taste). 

Ellen taught me how to make kale chips and the recipe below is based on her recipe. 

Print out this recipe.

Ingredients for parmesan kale chips:

  • Kale (1/2 package) or three large kale leaves (enough to fill an oven tray)
  • Olive oil - 3-4 table spoons (you can also use rape seed oil)
  • Black pepper - add to your liking
  • Salt (if you like your chips less salty, you can skip the salt because you already have parmesan which is already salty)
  • Shredded fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano or other parmesan cheese - add as much as you like. I normally add parmesan that equals two topped table spoons 

Step 1

Pre-heat the oven to 175 °C. I use an old (and slower) oven, so have in mind that the baking time might be shorter in newer ovens.

Step 2

Grab a medium-sized bowl. Mix the olive oil, the black pepper (and the salt) in the bowl.

Don't add the kale just yet. You need to dry them first. Read the next step.
Kale chips recipe: Olive oil, black pepper and parmesan
Baked kale chips recipe: Olive oil, black pepper and parmesan

Step 3

Rinse the kale in cold water. Then remove the leaves from the stems. You can use a knife/scissor, but I prefer to just tear the leaves from the stems with my bare hands, into smaller pieces.

Place the kale on a clean and dry kitchen cloth or on kitchen paper. I didn't have any clean kitchen cloths left, so I used kitchen paper instead.

How large should the kale pieces be? They should be in bite sizes because they tend to shrink when they're baked/fried. And as I mentioned above, you should tear them in equal sizes to get an even baking, and also to avoid burnt kale chips.
Dry the kale for making chips
Dry the kale

Step 4

Blend the kale well into the oil and parmesan. I would make sure that both sides of the kale are oiled, and that the parmesan is spread evenly. Turn the content a couple of times and use your fingers to slightly rub the oil into the leaves. The goal is to coat the kale evenly.

There shouldn't be excess oil in the bowl. Too much oil on the kale will make them soggy after they have been baked.
Recipe kale chips: Blend the kale into the oil and parmesan
Recipe kale chips: Blend the kale into the oil and parmesan

Step 5

Place the kale on the oven tray. Make sure there's a little distance between the kale pieces, and that none of the pieces are lying on top of each other. Then place the tray in the oven (middle position), which should be pre-heated by now.
Kale on the oven tray - kale chips recipe
Kale on the oven tray

Step 6

When five minutes have passed in the oven, turn the kale so both sides are baked. When the kale has crispy sides, take them out and let them rest on the kitchen bench.

This is my last time's result after 12 minutes in the oven :-)
Kale chips recipe: ready to eat parmesan kale chips
Kale chips recipe: ready to eat parmesan kale chips (used olive oil)
Baked kale chips made with rape seed oil
Another batch: Baked kale chips made with rape seed oil

Now you know how to make kale chips :-) Let me know how it goes!

Print out this recipe.

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