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Review: Barbeco Portable BBQ Grill

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We have finally tested the eco-friendly BBQ grill from Barbeco! The summer here in Oslo has so far been shitty with low day temperatures and many rainy days, but last week on my boyfriend's birthday we decided to just go for it ;-)
The eco-friendly portable BBQ grill from Barbeco
The eco-friendly portable BBQ grill from Barbeco
Miljovennlig grill fra Barbeco

I introduced Barbeco and other eco-friendly portable BBQ grills for the first time - in this post.

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What I enjoyed the most about the grill was its user friendliness. The BBQ is easy to set up (and you don't even need to read the instruction). I watched a short YouTube video about how to fire it up, and that part in practice was also pretty effortless.

Scandinavian readers - check out the video here.

Compared to disposable grills that maybe take 20-30 minutes before you can start barbecuing, the Barbeco was ready after 2-3 minutes. 

In our experience food grilled on disposable grills has a tendency to get burned, because of the strong heat. For some reason, the briquettes for Barbeco give lower heat which prevents burned food.

As an example, the corncobs we barbecued stayed on the grill for at least 30 minutes, without getting burned.
Summer BBQ vegetarian food in Oslo, Norway
Summer BBQ vegetarian food in Oslo, Norway
Chilling with veggie food and beer

For a moment there we thought that the grill wasn't working because there wasn't a lot of smoke coming out, and neither did it have strong heat like ordinary disposable grills.

But Barbeco was doing the job even if it didn't seem like it. 

The result was delicious vegetarian BBQ food without the burnt taste. Maybe it's because of the briquettes. Each briquette fits the grill like a glove, and probably spreading the heat evenly. 

Compact and lightweight are two other features, that we also enjoyed. I forgot to clean the Barbeco grill the same day, but that didn't seem to be a problem four days later. I'm probably not the only one who thinks that it's a drag to scrub dishes with force. No force was used this time ;-)


The briquettes were a little bit slow to ignite, but once they did - the briquettes were on fire. And I mean ON FIRE. So, watch your fingers. My boyfriend was caught by a surprise and got lightly burned on his fingers.

Our tips for the briquettes:

  1. You need four briquettes for one full round. 
  2. The briquettes come in 16-pack. Unless you're planning on barbecuing for 24 hours in the park, I suggest that you place four briquettes in the grill before you head out :-) (instead of using a plastic bag to transport them)

Would we recommend the Barbeco?

Honestly, we don't see any real downsides to the grill. So, yes we recommend Barbeco! :-) It's more predictable than an ordinary disposable grill, and very easy to use. That's all we need in a BBQ grill.

Have in mind though that this was the first time we used the grill. It may behave the same for future use, and maybe it won't. We'll see ;-)

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