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Review: Veggie Burger at Dognvill Bar & Burger in Oslo

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Finding vegetarian food at restaurants can either be really easy or very difficult. In Oslo, where I live, there's not exactly an abundance of vegetarian restaurants. You kind of have to know about them, because there are few pure vegetarian restaurants in town.

Fortunately, you can find vegetarian options on the menu at several restaurants, or you can ask them to make a vegetarian version. The Døgnvill Bar & Burger in downtown Oslo has a vegetarian alternative on their menu.
The lovely veggie burger at Dognvill Bar & Burger in Oslo, with sweet potato fries and aioli
The lovely veggie burger at Dognvill Bar & Burger in Oslo, with sweet potato fries and aioli.
Vegetarburger på Dognvill restaurant ved Mathallen i Oslo

Two weeks ago was my fourth time to Dognvill, because their veggie burger (NOK 139) and sweet potato fries are quite amazing. The restaurant is a popular place, so if you plan on coming here an afternoon/evening, I suggest that you book a table. 

Their veggie burger contains smoked aubergine, paprika and garlic, with paprika coulis smeared on the burger bread, spinach and nice slices of Parmesan on top.

When you take a bite, the taste of aubergine, paprika and garlic explodes in your mouth! ;-) The paprika coulis and the spinach gives the burger some freshness, while the Parmesan adds a bit saltiness to it.

It's a great combo!

And let's not forget about the sweet potato fries. I don't know what they do to make them so crispy and good. I've made sweet potato fries at home, and sometimes they end up a bit soggy. I need to get their recipe! LOL.

Great veggie burgers at the Døgnvill is one of the reasons I enjoy the place. Another reason is the service and how they keep everything professionally. I've probably waited around 20-25 minutes before the food was on the table, and that's pretty good when the restaurant is packed!

Where: Maridalsveien 13, located vis a vis Mathallen (the food court) in Grunerlokka.

They have opened another restaurant on the west side of Oslo, at Tjuvholmen close to the sea. But I enjoy hanging around in Grunerlokka, so I'm probably going to continue eating there.

Review of the vegetarian burger at Dognvill restaurant in Oslo
Lovely vegetarian burger at Dognvill in Oslo

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