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The Reformation - The Cool, Sustainable Clothing Brand

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Heard about The Reformation? The sustainable brand for the cool and chic gal!
1. Normandie jacket 2. Feria skirt 3. Oriole skirt 4. Float Top. Photo courtesy of Reformation.
1. Normandie jacket 2. Feria skirt 3. Oriole skirt 4. Float Top.
Photo courtesy of Reformation.

What makes The Reformation a sustainable brand?

The US-based Reformation goes under the slogan: "We make killer clothes that don't kill the environment".

To get the whole picture, you should read about their sustainable programs here.

I must say that I'm impressed by how transparent Reformation is about their work. They're not only stating that they have sustainable programs, but goes more into details than other companies I've checked on where and how they manufacture their products.

1. According to Reformation, they make clothes from three different types of materials - new sustainable fabrics (ex. tencel, viscose and modal), re-purposed vintage clothing (about 20% of their products), and rescued deadstock fabric from fashion houses that over ordered (about 15% of their products).1

I think it's genius actually to re-use vintage clothing and deadstock fabric, because the clothing and the fabric gets a second chance.

Viscose? But all the fast fashion stores sell clothing in viscose, you ask? So, what's the difference? 

I think the source matters in this case (if the viscose originate from verified sustainably managed forests), which according to Reformation, is the case for more than 50% of their viscose. The viscose they use is manufactured by Lenzing (an Austrian company), that sources trees from verified sustainably managed forests.

And according to Lenzing, the various chemical and waste products which result from the production process of viscose are recycled or sold. Pulp produced at Lenzing has been bleached with totally chlorine-free chemicals for decades. 
Beach nice with clothes from Reformation. Photo courtesy of Reformation.
Beach nice with clothes from Reformation. Photo courtesy of Reformation. 

2. According to Reformation, they strive to source raw goods locally and domestically first, no matter how much it costs. About 50% of their raw goods originate from the US, while the other half comes from China and India. About 70% of their products are manufactured in Los Angeles.

I think it's positive that they try to source raw materials locally, and also acknowledging openly the challenge of not being able to source certain raw goods locally (apparently the right fabric weaving equipment for delicate wovens can't be found in the US).

3. Not only do they manufacture clothing the more eco-friendly way, they also have a greener focus on the actual workplace and the details.

Their sewing factory and offices are in the same building in downtown Los Angeles, where they invest in green building infrastructure. Their stores in Los Angeles source electricity from 100% renewable power suppliers. And for packaging, they purchase 100% recycled-content paper and pens. 

Collection Clever 

Another thing I enjoy about Reformation is their versatility; they make clothing for 'everybody'.

What annoys you most when you buy clothing? The dress or pants are too long? The top doesn't fit your bust? Trust me, I know (I'm in both categories).

Lucky you, Reformation have a so-called 'big boobs'-collection (C-DD cup), called The I'm Up Here (LOL), and a collection for petite women who are about 162 cm (5'4) and under, called Don't Call me Cute. 

This is probably the main reason for why I think the brand is special. You don't need the body or the height of a typical catwalk model to wear their clothes :-)
The second installment of I'm Up Here Collection by Reformation. Photo courtesy of Reformation.
The second installment of I'm Up Here Collection by Reformation.
Photo courtesy of Reformation.
Don't Call Me Cute Collection by Reformation - photo courtesy of Reformation
Don't Call Me Cute Collection by Reformation. Photo courtesy of Reformation.

Chic and boho-inspired clothing

Reformation offers clothing that make me want to buy them - right away. Not only because of their photography and marketing skills ;-) But also because they offer clothes in different styles - classic chic, rock chic, boho chic and even the hipster.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Tayor Swift and Karlie Kloss are all been spotted wearing pieces from Reformation, which has probably contributed to cool-brand status.

To check out the clothes at Reformation, click here.

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