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Urban Farming Project in Oslo: Part 1 - A Newbie's Journey

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Every other Wednesday (from March to October), our local food culture center in Oslo arranges gatherings, where you can learn more about urban farming and the seasonal vegetables that are grown there.
Thinning out yellow beets in Oslo, Norway
Urban gardening in Oslo: Thinning out yellow beets in Oslo, Norway
Urban dyrking i Oslo: Tynner ut gulbeter

Two days ago we joined for the first time, to learn about natural fertilizers and to help out with thinning out the carrots and yellow beets.
Urban green living: thinning out yellow beets
Urban green living: I'm focused on the task of thinning out. LOL.
Tynner ut gulbeter i Geitmyra parsellhager

So, when we were offered a small spot in their garden to grow vegetables for a temporary period, I couldn't believe my ears. "What? Am I being played?" I never received this type of offerings before. I never win anything in general.

I felt like I hit the jackpot, even if it's only a temporary offer! :-)

We're sharing the garden bed with Anna, who's also passionate about growing her own vegetables, herbs and flowers. And whom we also 'spied on' when she planted her tomato plant, because we had no idea of where to start. LOL.

I've only read and done research, and attended lectures about urban farming this past year. I'm a newbie, that's for sure.
Strawberries at the local food culture center in Oslo
Strawberries at the local food culture center in Oslo
Markjordbær i matkultursenterets hager i Oslo

We're also in line for allotment gardens/community gardens in Oslo, but were told that it would take at least 4-5 years to get a slot. We don't have a garden or a balcony, but we wish to grow our own vegetables and herbs, just like other thousands of Oslo-citizens.

Two newbies. Gardening for Dummies should be our middle name. Can we do this?

Time ran fast while we we're thinning out vegetables and removing weeds. And I have a tendency to be in my own head too much, because I get attached and passionate about what I do at that moment.

These were clear signs that I enjoyed doing the work we did. And my boyfriend who would rather sleep in a tree or under open skies if he could, also enjoyed his time there :-)

Urban green living and farming in Oslo, Norway
Urban green living and farming in Oslo, Norway
Grønnere livsstil i Oslo

You don't have green fingers, you say? 

I think that if you have an interest for urban farming or a little curious about it, you should try it. Don't knock it until you've tried it :-)

When I was younger, I had the tendency to 'kill' my flowers and plants, and thought that my parents didn't 'manage' to transfer the 'green gene' to me. LOL.

11 years later I kind of think that the flowers/plants died because I didn't give them the right attention. And frankly, I didn't care much about gardening. Back then I thought gardening was boring and for retirees.

I was too busy with useless stuff that you normally do in your teens and early 20s. Fooling around and heavy partying, instead of watering them when the plants needed it, and a bit of baby talk like my mother does for her plants.
Urban gardening project in Oslo: day 1 - a newbie's journey
Urban gardening project in Oslo
Urban dyrking i Oslo (her: Geitmyra parseller)

Anyway, if you fail in the beginning, does it matter?

It's from the mistakes we learn, right? Me and my boyfriend are ready to succeed, but are prepared for failures. Because this is what we're passionate about. Locally sourced, organic food. And sustainable urban living.

Stay tuned for updates from the urban farming project! 

Follow the project:
Day 2 - removing the weeds and planting lettuce seeds. 

Day 3 - planting the beet seeds.

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