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Eco-alternatives to skinny jeans

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Did you know that it takes 3,781 liters of water to produce one pair of Levi's 501 jeans? It's ridiculously a lot. Fortunately, you can do something about it and choose jeans made from organic cotton that uses less water in the process.

Finding earth-friendly alternatives for jeans (even skinny jeans) is not hard at all. Check out these alternatives ;-)
My collection of eco-friendly alternatives to skinny jeans. Here jeans from Kuyichi.
Kuyichi skinny jeans made from mostly organic cotton and recycled polyester.
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.

First of all, what makes jeans eco-friendly?

Denim is made from cotton, a water-intensive crop. Eco-friendly jeans on the other hand, are mostly made from certified organic cotton that requires less water to produce.

Certification bodies like Soil Association and FLO-CERT (Fairtrade) require that not only the material has been dyed in an environmentally friendly way, but they also focus on how to the cotton is grown, such as reducing the amount of pesticides in the cotton fields.

There's also an ethical perspective  - to ensure that the people who made the jeans receive fair wages and that factory conditions are in line with international conventions.1

Click here to learn more about eco-labels (opens in a new window).

The jeans below are not tested by the editor. Any opinions is based on observations and research. And this is an unsponsored post.  

Affordable skinny jeans by MONKEE GENES

Eco alternatives to skinny jeans from Monkee Genes
Eco alternatives to skinny jeans from Monkee Genes
1. Ripped organic denim 2. Peanut Skinny dark denim 3. Bamboo washed skinny jeans  4. Dark Buff sateen skinny jeans

Monkee Genes operate with four different skinny jeans collections: the classic skinny, the peanut skinny, the bamboo skinny and the sateen skinny.

Certifications: Soil Association, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

Nice to know: According to Monkee Genes, they're becoming a trading charity 'Stop Taking the Pennies'. And in September 2015 they will launch a new collection.

Each garment sold, they'll contribute 50 cents to a foundation to their manufacturing partner, that provides education to the area's children. I haven't found information on where the manufacturing partners are located, but logically they would have to be located in countries where children's education is less prioritized. That's normally an issue in developing countries.

Rest of the 'Stop Taking the Pennies' money, will according to them go towards raising awareness on fast fashion, by giving lectures and talks, arrange workshops and more.

1. Women's Silhouette Blue Back Ripped Organic Denim (Classic Skinny): 

Ripped Organic Denim. Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.

Material: Soft woven organic denim (87% cotton), and the remaining is 11% polyester and 2% elastane.

Type: Mid-rise

Because of its edgy look (which I love), it can be used for a night-out with friends, dinner parties and dates.

Check out other jeans from Monkee Genes.

2. Peanut Skinny Dark Denim

Peanut Skinny Dark Denim Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.
Peanut Skinny Dark Denim. Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.

Material: No info on the shopping page about material(s) used, but since it's denim it ought to be cotton.

Type: Mid-rise

This looks like an all-round jeans and can probably be used for practically anything, and I absolutely adore the dark denim color.

Check out other jeans from Monkee Genes.

3. Bamboo Washed Skinny

Bamboo Washed Skinny. Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.
Bamboo Washed Skinny. Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.

Material: Fabric blend (no info about which fabrics on the shopping page, but according to their fit and fabric guide the Bamboo collection is made from natural fibers).

Type: Mid-rise

This is my jeans-crush - a casual, girl-next-door type of jeans with the perfect denim color. I can picture myself wearing this jeans while I'm weeding in the garden or on a date night. I would even want to sleep in them! :-)

Check out other jeans from Monkee Genes.

4. Dark Buff Sateen Skinny

Dark Buff Sateen Skinny. Photo courtesy of  Monkee Genes
Dark Buff Sateen Skinny. Photo courtesy of Monkee Genes.

Material: According to Monkee Genes, all elements of the garment in the Sateen Skinny Jeans collection is organically sourced and certified by the Soil Association and GOTS.2

Type: Mid-rise.

Not really a fan of beige jeans, but maybe you are? The fit seems to be really good and it comes in different colors, such as bright green, dark grey, light grey and dark blue.

Check out other jeans from Monkee Genes.

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Skinny jeans by KUYICHI

Eco-alternatives to skinny jeans - Kuyichi
1. Haily Dark Rinse 2. Haily Soho Rinse 3. Lil Lucky Vintage
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.

Certifications: Fairtrade, GOTS, OCS (Organic Content Standard), RCS (Recycled Claim Standard), GRS (Global Recycle Standard), OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (certification system for textile raw materials), SA8000 (document of Social Accountability International - an organization that strives to protect the rights of the workers).

According to their site, the jeans are mostly made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

Nice to know: Kuyichi is more open about where the clothes were made and who made the clothes. I really like the way they provide information. They're professional which is very satisfying.

On their shopping pages, you get information about material, where the jeans was produced and even who made the clothes (and I do mean a person, and not just some vague information about 'workers in the south or east').

1. Haily Dark Rinse

Haily Dark Rinse. Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.
Haily Dark Rinse.
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.

Material: Organic cotton from Kyrgyzistan. The denim fabric was produced in a weaving factory in Turkey.

Type: No info on the shopping page, but I would guess mid-rise (?)

If you like classic jeans, this is probably something for you. A good all-rounder and I love the chosen denim fabric. As my sister pointed out when she reviewed this post, dark jeans are more flexible because you can wear this type of jeans at different occasions. They're more classy than light denim.

Check out other jeans from Kuyichi.

2. Haily Soho Rinse

Haily Soho RInse. Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.
Haily Soho Rinse.
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.

Material: Organic cotton from Turkey and recycled polyester from Italy. The recycled polyester is made from old plastic bottles. The denim fabric itself was also produced in Turkey.

Type: Mid-rise

Also a very nice all-rounder that seems to have a good fit.

Check out other jeans from Kuyichi.

3. Lil Lucky Vintage

Lil Lucky Vintage. Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.
Lil Lucky Vintage.
Photo courtesy of Kuyichi.

Material: According to the shopping page, the fabric of this jeans is OCS blended certified. There's 78% organic cotton in the content, and the remaining is 21% polyester and 1% elastane. The organic cotton is from Turkey, and the denim fabric was also produced in Turkey.

Type: Mid-rise.

A casual, edgy pair of skinny jeans with the right amount of washed look. This type of jeans are perfect for the summer, when you've gotten that tan and also to spice up your wardrobe.

Check out other jeans from Kuyichi.

Practical guide to ethical shopping.

Skinny jeans by EILEEN FISHER

The company was already established in 1984 with an eye for simplicity. Their webshop operates with five categories: the eco collection, artisanal, made in USA, fair trade and blue sign certified (blue sign is an eco-label).
Eco-alternatives to skinny jean  by Eileen Fisher.  Photo courtesy of Eileen Fisher.
Eco-alternatives to skinny jean by Eileen Fisher.
Photo courtesy of Eileen Fisher.

What is organic: Their classic skinny jean is made from 98% organic cotton and 2% spandex, and according to them, the jeans are made in the US. Their organic denim is GOTS certified.3

Certifications: Fair trade (Peru-project), OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Blue Sign and GOTS.

Nice to know: they have a recycling program or more of a second-hand market called Green Eileen, which was established in 2009. Used clothes at the stores are collected, and then resold to support programs for women and girls. Unsold clothes are up-cycled to new products.

Check out other jeans from Eileen Fisher.

Do you know about other eco-friendly alternatives to skinny jeans? Please share! :-)

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