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Swedish Organic Ale - Sigtuna & Hale to Nothing - Certified Organic Alcohol Series: Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of the certified organic alcohol series! :-)
Sigtuna organic ale
Sigtuna organic ale

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Yesterday we did some beer testing, and I had my very own test panel ;-) We tested both the Sigtuna organic ale and the Hale to Nothing Eco Ale during a BBQ session. Beware that we are not beer experts who know the beer-language inside out ;-)

Disclaimer: This blog post is a review, and I have not been paid/compensated to write this review. 

Sigtuna Organic Ale

Type: American pale

Certification: EU organic

The Swedish Sigtuna brewery located north of Stockholm was established in 2005, by three beer enthusiasts. According to them, Sigtuna is a renowned brand in Sweden, and they've received many awards at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival the last couple of years. They've drawn inspiration from the American craft beer.

What is organic: malt and hops.
Unsponsored reviews of Sigtuna organic ale and Hale to Nothing eco ale - certified organic alcohol series part 2
Sigtuna organic ale & Hale to Nothing Eco Ale

What the test panel says:

Severin: A slightly fruity and bitter beer with a more pungent flavor than Hale to Nothing Eco Ale. Pale ale is not my beer-style (I usually drink darker beer), but the Sigtuna was in fact OK.

Anna: I liked the beer because of the nice fruity flavor and I don't even drink much alcohol. I would drink it again.

Amanda: I liked this beer better than Hale to Nothing, because it has a more exciting taste. It's a bit darker than what I'm used to, but the refreshing flavor compensated for this (I drink mostly very light beers like the Italian Peroni).

Hale to Nothing Eco Ale

Type: English pale ale

Certification: EU Organic, KRAV (a Swedish eco-label)

Established in 2011, Brutal Brewing is an initiative by employees of Spendrups - the largest Swedish-owned brewery in the country.

What is organic: barley and hops.
Hale to Nothing Eco Ale with soya chorizo sausages
Hale to Nothing Eco Ale with soya chorizo sausages

What the test panel says:

Severin: On a hot summer day I would probably have opted for this beer rather than Sigtuna organic ale, because it's a gentle drink. I thought it was very neutral in flavor. A refreshing, simple beer. But nothing to be impressed by if you like more flavor in a beer.

Amanda: An OK light summer beer that went well with the barbecued soya chorizo sausages. I enjoyed the Sigtuna organic ale better because it has more flavor, and I like my flavors ;-)

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