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Day Trip to Copenhagen - Travel Report

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Last month I got the chance to explore Copenhagen - with my colleagues. A group of around 40 lawyers boarded the ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen.
View of Frederiksborggade in Copenhagen
View of Frederiksborggade in Copenhagen

The seminar was held on board the ferry, where we learned more about the energy market in Norway, wind power projects and other subjects related to renewable energy ;-)

We left the harbor in Oslo at around 16.00 and arrived in Copenhagen the next day at 09.45. We had the "time off" in Copenhagen, and I saw this as an golden opportunity to explore the vegan food. Before we left I read reviews about this place called "Kalaset", located in Vendersgade not far from Norreport station and the shuttle buses.
Aunt Vegan brunch at Kalaset in Copenhagen
Aunt Vegan brunch at Kalaset in Copenhagen

At Kalaset all three of us ordered the Aunt Vegan dish, which was Moroccan-inspired with hummus, lentils, oven-baked vegetables, falafel and this unforgettable delicious soy yogurt with granola.

My colleague who regularly eats meat was surprised by how good it was, and that you can actually get a complete meal without meat. Cheers to that! :-)

The place was packed with primarily young people and hipsters. And the service was very good. Since it's a popular place, it took a while before they got our order. But I promise you that the food is worth your while :-)
Farmer's Market near Norreport station in Copenhagen
Farmer's Market near Norreport station in Copenhagen

After brunch, we headed for the markets at Torvhallerne. I love food halls. Not just because of the variety available to consumers, but food halls are also a great place to get (renewed) food inspiration.

Another thing that struck me about Copenhagen was the bicycles. Yes, bicycles. Plenty of colorful bicycles and a relatively operable infrastructure for bicyclists. This may sound like old news, but if you've been to Oslo in Norway, you understand why I'm bringing this up.

We saw several bicycles parked outside shops without any bike locks. THAT doesn't happen in Oslo, because that bicycle would have been long gone, stolen by some confused junkies.

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Bicycle in Copenhagen. Copyright: badahos / 123RF Stock Photo
Bicycle in Copenhagen. Copyright: badahos / 123RF Stock Photo

We stopped by some clothing stores (a mandatory activity in Copenhagen). One of the shops we stopped by was Moss Copenhagen. I tried a few clothes here, but I didn't buy them because frankly the quality wasn't good enough. A dotted top that lacked the extra stitching around the sleeve and the fabric was already 'dissolving'.

I'm kind of tired of buying nice stuff that ends at the back of the closet after one or two rounds in the washing machine. Their black wool scarf (DKK 400) on the other hand was of better quality, which I bought and worn many times now.

All in all, I enjoyed my few hours in Copenhagen. I can't wait to return to try more vegan food, and visit My Fair Shop (fair trade and eco fashion), second-hand and vintage stores and hoard dry organic food and red wine at Irma :-)

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