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The Monthly Telegraph: October 2015

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It's been a while since I posted a Monthly Telegraph. In this edition, you'll find interesting news about a new vegan bag collection, probably things you didn't know about the Chinese garlic and more.
The Monthly Telegraph - new vegan bag collection, organic garlic, ranking of the greenest cities and KeepCup.
News and inspiration regarding sustainable lifestyle

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1. New Vegan Bag Collection by Nikki Reed and Freedom of Animals

Ever seen the Twilight movies? This month the actress Nikki Reed unveiled a set of stylish vegan purses and bags in collaboration with Freedom of Animals (an ethical shop, founded in 2013).
Vegan bucket bag. Photo courtesy of Freedom of Animals via Ecouterre.
Vegan bucket bag. Photo courtesy of Freedom of Animals via Ecouterre.
Bucket bag by Nikki Reed and Freedom of Animals. Photo courtesy of Freedom of Animals via Ecouterre.
Photo courtesy of Freedom of Animals via Ecouterre.

The bags are made from recycled faux leather or suede. You can get them at Bloomingdale's Soho, the website of Freedom of Animals and

Read more about the bags here at Ecouterre.

2. The Chinese Garlic - something you probably didn't know

This week I stumbled upon some disturbing news about the Chinese garlic. Over 80% of the world's sold garlic comes from China. According to this article I read, is that Chinese garlic is bleached to make it look white (and appealing).

According to the Australian sources in the article, some garlic growers use raw human sewage to fertilize their crops. The Chinese garlic is supposedly also sprayed with chemicals to stop sprouting. I would assume that this would also affect the taste of the garlic.

So, how does the Chinese garlic look like and what are your safer alternatives?

As I wrote on our Facebook page, the Chinese garlic is characterized by its bleached look, and normally roots are cut cleanly off of the bottom of the head.

Organic garlic for instance has kept the roots, and are less white. You can say that organic garlic is more like how garlic SHOULD look like. I stopped by the local organic store Helios the other day, and found this pretty one imported from Spain:
Organic garlic from Spain
Organic garlic from Spain
Click here to read more about the Chinese garlic.

3. Ranking of the greenest cities in the US

Greenest city in the US
Greenest city in the US. Copyright: andreka / 123RF Stock Photo

Which city do you think is the greenest in the US? San Francisco? Portland? Another city?

Try to guess before you click on the post! :-)

Or I'll give you a keyword: Hipster.

4. KeepCup - green conscience in the morning

This week I looked into the KeepCup and before I knew it, I had bought one in my favorite color blue :-) How many coffees have you bought in the morning or in lunch hour to keep you awake?
Blue reusable KeepCup for coffee and hot tea
Blue reusable KeepCup for coffee and hot tea

My colleagues consume around 3-4 coffee cups per day, and my personal consumption is about 2-3 per day.

If I bought 2-3 coffee cups at the local coffee shop, you can imagine that this would generate unnecessary waste (non-reusable paper cups and plastic lids). Fortunately, we have a coffee machine where we get free coffee and an abundance of regular cups available - so the waste in our case would be minimal.

I bought the KeepCup for the weekends, when me and my boyfriend are driving around each Sunday to look at apartments.

A really positive feature about the KeepCup is the lid. No spilling or splashing in the car, or in my backpack.

This morning I made coffee in the Cup, but forgot to drink from it because I had some errands and stuff. After about an hour I suddenly remembered that I had the coffee. To my surprise, the coffee was still warm! If the coffee had gotten cold, I would have drank it anyway though ;-)

Check out the KeepCup.

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