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Green gift wrap ideas and must-haves for Christmas

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What are the must-haves for environmental friendly gift wrapping? Every year I challenge myself and my dearests to have a greener Christmas, especially when it comes to wrapping presents! :-)

In this post I've focused on simple gift wrapping must-haves, that are firstly - eco-friendly, and secondly - no DIY-skills involved to pull off a gift wrapped in an environmental friendly way :-)
Christmas gift packing essentials - the eco-friendly way
Green gift wrap ideas for Christmas

Firstly, why bother about sustainable gift wrapping?

The reason is pretty simple: Household waste increases by more than 25% from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day,1 "thanks to" gift wrapping and more.

Not all wrapping paper can be recycled, partly because of the materials used in the paper (plastics and glitter to mention some). Wrapping paper that is dyed or laminated is also non-recyclable.

Waste that can't be recycled will most likely end up in the landfill, or incinerated.

Landfills in general have contributed to environmental problems: one of them is the atmospheric pollution affecting the air you breathe (for instance; methane generated from rotting organic matter).2

How we discard non-recyclable wrapping paper is also of importance. According to UK Government, non-recyclable paper put in the recycling bin will contaminate the whole lot and has to go to the landfill.

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Green gift wrap ideas and must-haves - keep it simple:

Recycled gift paper, box or bag:
Eco-friendly gift wrapping - from Etsy

As I mentioned above - you should avoid wrapping paper that is dyed, laminated, or contains glitter or plastic. Choose recycled wrapping paper, brown wrapping paper which can be recycled, or a FSC-certified product.

Or think outside the box. Giving away reusable boxes or gift bags is absolutely genius! Because the person you give the gift to, will have the chance to use the wrapping for next year's gift exchanges.

You should check out the wooden box with the Eiffel tower motive.  Here you can place (note)books, stationery set or even a gift card.

A gift bag is also pretty genius because of its potential to be re-used. Check out the gift bag with Scandinavian design.

If you would like to take it up a notch, you can use old newspapers, magazines, maps and textiles as wrapping. I've written a post about creative gift wrapping ideas.

For recycled kraft paper, check out the red tribal print from Etsy, the green, white and polka dot or the good old rustic red with raindeer design on.

Hemp thread/jute twine:
Various hemp twine for wrapping gifts
Various hemp twine for wrapping gifts

Ditch the plastic ribbons and choose hemp! :-)

Hemp is often associated with drugs, but fortunately it has other uses! ;-) As a natural fiber, hemp is biodegradable and the most durable of all natural fibers.

I've chosen three Christmas-y colors: red, natural and green. Choose colored hemp twine for plain wrapping, and vice versa: natural hemp twine for colored wrapping. You can get these in hobby stores, or order them at online webstores like Etsy.

Gift tags:
Eco-friendly gift tags and ornament
Eco-friendly gift tags and ornament

You can find recycled gift tags, like this plain rounded gift tags. Gift tags made from brown paper can be bought at book stores, hobby stores or online.

You won't imagine how creative many small, independent designers can be. The red and white gift tag with acorn ornament is one of the nicest, home-made products you can find on Etsy. According to the seller, the felted acorn ornaments are made from real acorn caps collected by her children :-)

Pimp it up:

Pimp it up with nature ornaments and stamp - eco-friendly gift packing essentials
Green gift wrap ideas: Pimp it up with ornaments from nature and stamp

The coolest way to spruce up a Christmas present (or decorate your home) is to use various things from our surrounding nature. Take a walk in the park or nearby forest trails, and pick up some pine cones, pine branches and chest nuts. It's free and the gift will come in original packing :-)

If you don't have pine trees in the area, you can always buy some. I found "snowy" pine cones on Etsy, and snowy pine branches. These can be used for decorating gifts, the dinner table, and of course, the Christmas tree :-)

A rubber stamp is also a cool way of sprucing up plain kraft wrap paper or regular paper gift tags. Check out the pine cone stamp or the pine branch stamp.

Don't know what to give for Christmas?

Be sure to stop by my post about sustainable gift ideas from A to Z.

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas and must-haves for Christmas
Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas and must-haves for Christmas


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