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Lease minimalist clothing from Filippa K

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Last year the Swedish brand, Filippa K, launched three sustainability concepts and renting clothing is one of them! :-)
Rent clothes at Filippa K
Rent clothes at Filippa K

Filippa K is renowned for minimalism clothing with fabulous, yet simple design. That's what Scandinvians are known for, right? ;-)

Here in Oslo, they have a sizeable store in Hegdehaugsveien appealing to the modern Scandinavians with thicker wallets. It's a place where I would consider nice, timeless clothing like plainer shirts, blouses and sweaters. But also a fancier dress for a special occasion or a chic trench coat.

Filippa K's message is pretty clear: We own too many clothes. Why buy a new dress when you're only going to wear it once?  We'll eventually get tired of what we're wearing, so why not spare your wallet and the environment by renting clothes instead?
1. Belt jacket  2. Fiona Peg trousers  3. Wool pencil skirt
Photo courtesy of Filippa K.

According to the Guardian, British consumers have an estimated £30 billion worth of clothing that they have not worn for a year in their closets.1 Approx. 30% of our wardrobes have not been used the past year.2 I felt guilty when I read these numbers, and came to think that it's maybe time to think differently about our shopping habits?

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How does the rental service work at Filippa K?

Their rental service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Belgium.

According to their site, you can lease anything you want for four days! :-) You pay 20% of the full price and this includes the cost of cleaning! For a tencel shirt that cost € 165, you pay € 33 in rental costs! If the garment has been rented/worn previously, the cost of lease is even less (they don't inform how much less).
Rent clothing at the Swedish brand Filippa K
1. Tencel shirt  2. Black pull-on-shirt dress  3. Trench coat
Photo courtesy of Filippa K.

At the end of the lease period, you return the item or you can decide to pay the rest of the sales price and keep the shirt :-)

Check out the clothing collections at Filippa K website.

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