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Life of a Male Chick - A Short Story

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Enjoying your Easter eggs? 

Last week the Norwegian TV-show "The food control" released a video showing baby male chicks being ground up alive. According to the video (which is in Norwegian); 3,5 million Norwegian chickens are being ground up every year at the hatcheries. The process is called 'chick culling'.
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The female chicks survive because they can produce eggs. They're economically useful. The male chicks on the other hand, don't produce eggs and are too "skinny" as grown-ups.

So, instead of raising the male chicks for meat, they're thrown into a grinding machine ('the maceration') because in the eye of capitalism, they're worth nothing. Is there a way to make raising male chicks profitable? Is this the best we can do for the chicks...? I feel ashamed. 

I also feel like I've been part of this massacre for years. Fortunately, being a lacto-ovo vegetarian has over time led to less eggs on my plate, but I still feel guilty. All these years I've said to myself that I wasn't ready to quit eggs. But when will I ever be ready...?

Chick culling is not only happening in Norway. It is a global massacre. 

Read: Germany says 'no more chick shredding'.

In the UK, the male chicks are either gassed or shredded into pieces in grinding machines.
Chicks on conveyor belt. Photo courtesy of Animals Australia org.
Chicks on conveyor belt. Photo courtesy of Animals Australia org.

Obviously, the egg industry has ties to the never ending consumption of meat.

Eating meat is considered "manly" and contains lots of protein. Men have eaten meat for thousands of years, some people say. The more meat we get per purchase, the better we feel, especially if you can get 3 beef packages at the price of 2.

You got to admit that the way we think about meat in general is disconcerting.

We've crossed the line.

The video is a living proof of it. But what's happening at the hatcheries is only a tiny fraction of what's going on behind the curtains in the meat and egg industries.

All of this seems hopeless from where I stand, because we live in a world where the global economic system is based on profit. That's the reality. It seems like the only way to discourage these dreadful acts is to stop eating eggs and be part of the consumer power that condemns the massacre. Or at least demand the male chicks to die in a considerably more humane way.

We have to let the egg industry know that the way we sentence these animals to death is NOT f******* OK. Period.

You can watch this video on Youtube that is similar to the Norwegian video (content warning!)

Avoid consuming and using eggs in the future must become part of my everyday living. I admit that it won't be easy, but I'll try my best because I'm sick of both the meat industry and the egg industry. The other day, my boyfriend wanted to make us some dinner, but he had to quickly adjust the menu after I told him about my latest decision about avoiding eggs in the food.

His response: "What have you been watching now, Amanda?" :-)

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