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The Scandinavian Rebel - sustainable outfit of the month

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Feeling like a rebel? This month's sustainable outfit draws inspiration from Scandinavian style that stands for neutral colors and simplicity in the design. Minimalism rocks ;-)
"The Scandinavian Rebel" - sustainable outfit of the month - March 2016
"The Scandinavian Rebel" - sustainable outfit of the month - March 2016

Sabia Solid Dress: A simple, casual dress from the Dutch Kuyichi. The visual detail lies in the belt, but most importantly is the fabric. According to Kuyichi, the material used is 100% tencel, also called lyocell. Tencel comes from the pulp in eucalyptus trees that are fast-growing and require less water than other trees to grow.

If you're not already in love with the coolness factor and design by Kuyichi, you're going to be after checking our their site :-)

Price: € 99.95

Biker leather jacket: The leather jacket from the Danish brand Pelechecoco is supposedly made from 100% recycled leather, while the lining is 100% polyester.

Check out eco-friendly alternatives to leather jackets. In this article you'll find more information about Pelechecoco's leather products.

Price: € 255

"Super soft" organic tights: Pact Apparel is mostly known for their organic cotton underwear collection, but they also offer other basics like tights, t-shirts and socks. The tights used in this month's sustainable outfit of the month, are made from 69% organic cotton, 27% nylon and 4% elastane.

Products from Pact Apparel are supposed to be sweat-shop free and ethically produced :-)

Price: $ 17.99

Black Desert Boot: The Spanish brand Insecta has something for the colorful spirit ;-) These boots were actually one of the few I found that didn't carry any patterns.

Insecta writes that the boots are vegan and hand-crafted in Brazil. What maybe impresses me the most is that the fabric used is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled rubber sole. It's just genius to transform waste to these really cool shoes ;-)

Price: $ 149

Vinda Ring Rose Gold: All jewelry from Idamari are hand-made in Berlin and "illustrates the values of Scandinavian design". According to the shopping page, the raw material is bought from a local silver refinery, that uses 100% recycled eco silver whenever possible. Apparently the company is the first in Europe to deliver conflict-free gold.

Price: $ 77

Tui Fine Chain Necklace: This fine necklace draws inspiration from Dutch bridges and their architectural forms. It is claimed that most of the raw material in the jewelry collections of Dutch Basics, are recycled. In their production, they've applied waste reducing and water saving measures.

Price: $ 100

Bitter 'n' Twisted: A great color from Scotch Naturals, that produces "nature-based, non-toxic" nail polish. Apparently you won't find parabenes, phthalates and toxins in their nail polishes.

Did you know that parabenes are widely used as conservatives in cosmetics and are linked to hormone disruption? Phthalates are almost impossible to avoid, and have in the past years been linked to asthma and breast cancer, to mention a few things.

Read this article at The Guardian: Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really?

Price: $ 15

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