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Yummy blueberry jam recipe

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Do you need a recipe for blueberry jam?

After making a successful batch of blackcurrant juice with very little experience, the next challenge was what to do with the blueberries that were piling up a bit, as the girlfriend (Amanda) turns out to be a big fan of picking them in the woods in our neighborhood :-)

We could always simply eat them but making them last longer seemed more reasonable. So what to do? Didn't really need more juice so we decided to test our skills at making jam...!

I've watched my grandfather make jam from currant and plum a few times but never tried it myself. Turns out it's not that hard, but cleanliness seems to be the key!
Simple recipe for yummy blueberry jam
Simple recipe for yummy blueberry jam

To keep it simple as this was the first time, the basic blueberry jam recipe on the back of the jam powder pack seemed like a good starting point.

We had available about 1.4 kg of thoroughly cleaned blueberries (some frozen and some fresh), one pack of jam powder and lots of sugar.
Turn blueberries into jam - recipe
Turn blueberries into jam - recipe

Step 1: "Give the berries a quick boil without adding anything".

Add the berries in a large saucepan and bring to boil. If you're using frozen blueberries, make sure to thaw the berries.

A mistake we did was not thawing the frozen berries as it took quite a while to boil and maybe messed up some of the flavor, as the thawed berries got cooked quite a bit longer. Who knows... but the jam turned out delicious anyway :-)
Give the blueberries a quick boil without sugar
Give the blueberries a quick boil without sugar

Step 2: was pretty straight forward, adding the right amount of jam powder and boil it for 2 minutes: "1 bag of jam powder per 2 kg of berries" so around 2/3 of a jam powder bag if the math skills still exist ;-)

Step 3: "Take the pan from the plate and add 0.5kg-1.0kg of sugar per 2 kg of berries".

Hmm.... After a bit of pondering and taking into account that the blueberries we had weren't that sweet, I think we ended up adding close to 1 kg of sugar to our 1.4 kg of blueberries, which might be a bit over the top for some people, but it tasted pretty amazing! :-)
Add sugar to the mixture - blueberry jam
Add sugar to the mixture - blueberry jam recipe

Step 4: "Fill the jam immediately in clean and hot jars".

Time to panic! Need bigger jars! It turned out to be a lot more jam then we planned for, so we had to dig around for new jars. We ended up with five large jars!

We pre-heated the clean glass jars in the oven at around 100 degrees celcius which I think helps sterilize them, but mainly prevents the glass from cracking when filling them with hot jam.

If the jars are properly cleaned, the jam can stay good for about a year or so :-)

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