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Earth-friendly and ethical basics under $30

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Time to renew your wardrobe basics? 

Cotton is the typical fiber used for manufacturing basic clothing, such as t-shirts, long-sleeves and pull-overs. A frightening fact is that cotton farming is the largest consumer of water in the apparel supply chain.1

Luckily for us, it is possible to find affordable clothing that has less negative impact on both our planet and the people who made the clothes ;-)
Earth-friendly and ethical basics under $30
Earth-friendly and ethical basics under $30

I said it was possible to find affordable, sustainable clothing, but tracking them down is quite frankly, difficult!

Because that's the thing with sustainable fashion... the true cost of producing the clothing are embedded in the price, which means that we can't expect sustainable and ethical fashion to be cheap.

You're paying a higher price, so the fairtrade farmer and the factory worker can receive a living wage. You're paying a higher price for a garment that will last longer than the average fast fashion equivalent.

In fact, I would become suspicious if I found a top that was marketed as "sustainable and cheap"...

OK, enough chat! I introduce you to earth-friendly and ethical basics under $30!

This post contains no commercial links.

Continental Clothing under $30

Continental Clothing has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2006, and the company has made sustainable clothing according to the guidelines of the foundation ever since. Those guidelines include payment of living wage, legal labor contracts, no excessive hours of work and no use of child labor.

According to their site, they own three award-winning brands; Continental, EarthPositive and Salvage. I actually own a couple of t-shirts from EarthPostive which I bought in Berlin, and they're super comfy to wear :-)

Photo courtesy of Continental Clothing via FOXX
Photo courtesy of Continental Clothing via FOXX
Women's Bamboo Raglan t-shirt:

Material: 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

Other colors available: black, white, blue, charcoal and eggplant.

Price: €8,29 (= $9,24)

Check out the Bamboo Raglan t-shirt.

Women's speckled rolled-up t-shirt:

Material: 96% cotton and 4% polyester.

Other colors available: black and grey.

Price: €10,09 (= $11,25)

Read more about the t-shirt here.

Shop for Continental Clothing's t-shirts at FOXX that ships internationally within Europe. PS. Turn on Google Translate if you don't understand German.

Armed Angels under $30

Armed Angels must be one of my favorite brands, style-wise! :-) Whenever I think about the brand, I instantly think fairtrade. Armed Angels provides clothing made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, organic wool and recycled polyester.

The company has been GOTS certified since 2011, which means that Armed Angels is subjected to the "highest, ecological, sustainable and social requirements for organically produced natural fibers".

Mari T-shirt:  

Material: 100% organic cotton, fairtrade and GOTS certified. Get a crash course to eco-labels right here.
Photo courtesy of Armed Angels
Photo courtesy of Armed Angels

Produced in: Portugal.

Other colors available: black, white, bordeaux, navy and dark green.

Price: €19.90 (= $22,19)

Click to learn more about the Mari t-shirt.

Luckily for us, Armed Angels ships internationally (PS. German website). Countries are divided into four zones, including Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

In Germany, several shops sell clothing from Armed Angels, including shops in Cologne, Hannover, M√ľnchen and Bonn. The stores Loveco and DearGoods in Berlin feature the brand.

PACT Apparel under $30

The American company is known as the brand that makes clothes "that don't hurt people". It's not just about the clothes, but also about the people who made them.

PACT uses primarily organic cotton, meaning that there were no toxic pesticides involved in the production, and there is no accept for genetically modified cotton ;-) According to their FAQ-page, 74% of their organic cotton is from India.

Women's long sleeve:

Material: 100% organic fairtrade cotton, GOTS certified.
Photo courtesy of PACT
Photo courtesy of PACT

Other colors available: red, blue, mocca, grey, grey stripes, olive stripes.

Price: $16.99

Check out the long-sleeve right here.

Underwear low-rise:

Material: 95% organic fairtrade cotton and 5% elastane.

Other colors available: too many to mention! Click on the link below to find out.

Price: $22.99

Check out the selection of underwear here.

PACT ships internationally, but at the moment this service is "temporarily unavailable". Bookmark their page and try again later :-)

Everlane under $30

US-based Everlane was founded by Michael Preysman. The company is genuine about showing you the true cost of their clothing. Each product on their website shows the markup and you can also read about the factory that produced that particular garment.

The drape tank from Everlane is made from lyocell, considered as an eco-friendly material. Lyocell is made from bamboo, a fast growing raw material that can typically grow 10 cm per day.2

Photo courtesy of Everlane
Photo courtesy of Everlane
Drape tank:
Material: 100% lyocell.

Produced in: Vietnam.

Other colors available: black, white, grey and navy.

Price: $28

Find out more about the drape tank from Everlane.

The company only ships to US and Canada.

People Tree under $30

The UK-based brand People Tree was founded in Tokyo in 1991 by Safia and James Minney, which is worldwide known for its fairtrade clothing and accessories. The actor Emma Watson has collaborated with People Tree and launched three collections for the company. 

Photo courtesy of People Tree
Photo courtesy of People Tree
Considered as the pioneer in fairtrade fashion, People Tree has worked with farmers and artisans in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nepal.

The turtle neck and the leggings below were made by the Indian social enterprise Assisi Garments.

May Turtle neck:

Material: 95% organic fairtrade certified cotton, 5% elastane.

Price: $29

Check out the turtle neck!

Black leggings:

Material: 95% organic fairtrade certified cotton, 5% elastane.

Price: $29

Click to read about the leggings.

Oh yes, People Tree ships internationally to Europe and outside the continent! :-)

Swedish Stockings under $30

Two years ago I stopped purchasing hosiery at H&M and other cheap places, when I got introduced to Swedish Stockings. Their pantyhose are made from recycled yarn and I can personally tell you that their stockings can withstand a night out on the town! :-)

That's what so special with Swedish Stockings, their pantyhose is designed to last longer. According to their site, over two billion pairs are worn and discarded yearly... As if the textile industry didn't pollute enough.

Photo courtesy of Swedish Stockings
Photo courtesy of Swedish Stockings
A couple of other things you should know about this brand, is that all water used in dyeing is purified, and they've incorporated a "highly efficient recycling procedure" where they use 87,6% less energy than conventional nylon production.

Olivia Black Denier 60:

Material: 85% polyamide, 13% elastane and 2% cotton.

Other colors available: navy and anthracite.

Price: $21.99

Click to read more about the Olivia Black stockings.

Be sure to browse through their other products, like the patterned stockings and the knee highs. The company ships internationally and globally.

Do You Green under $30

Photo courtesy of Do You Green
Photo courtesy of Do You Green
First time I heard about Do Your Green was on a chilly Christmas day, and the headline: "Lingerie
made out of pine trees" caught my attention.

The French brand that produces sustainable underwear proves that you can still look sexy and have kinky nights, with minimal impact on our planet ;-)

Underwear - Shorty Comfortable:

Material: 94% white pine tree prunings and 6% elastane.

Price: €15 (= $16.72)

Click for more underwear.

The lingerie company ships internationally! :-)


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