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My autumn breakfast - how to make a refreshing chanterelle sandwich

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One thing we've really appreciated in the last month, is finding edible wild mushrooms, mostly yellow foot chanterelle and 'Gypsy' mushrooms.

As newbies we haven't been able to find many kilos of edible mushrooms like many experienced people tend to do, but the amount we've found is enough for four-five dinners. At least for me :-) My beau enjoys finding wild mushrooms, but he can't stand the taste.

I like to eat fresh chanterelle; cook a good portion for dinner the same day we find them, two handfuls for breakfast the next day, and save the rest for drying or freezing.

Chanterelle for breakfast is surprisingly delicious. Here's how I do it! :-)
My autumn breakfast - how to make a chanterelle sandwich
My autumn breakfast - how to make a chanterelle sandwich

  • Two handfuls of chanterelle
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • Fresh parsley (fresh thyme works too)

First of all, brush off dirt and cut away any inedible parts of the chanterelles. I also like to cut large chanterelles into two in case there are blind passengers hiding in the stem. Chanterelle is rarely eaten by worms, but there could be other tiny bugs hiding in the mushroom ;-)

Just yesterday I was cleaning the chanterelle, and to my surprise, a tiny centipede was hiding inside the cap. I also found two tiny white worms inside two chanterelles that were on the verge of rotting. I simply threw those away.
Dry sautée the chanterelle before adding butter
Dry sauté the chanterelle before adding butter

Add the chanterelle in a DRY pan to get rid of the liquid in the mushrooms. This technique is called dry sautéing. Mushrooms contain a lot of water so if you skip this step, you'll get mushrooms that taste like rubber and they'll get mushy. This affects the flavor significantly.

With dry sautéing you keep the delicious flavor in the mushroom!

Stir often to prevent the chanterelle from burning. When the mushroom liquid has evaporated, it's time to add a spoon of butter (preferably not margarine, butter has more flavor). Let it fry for a couple of minutes and you'll notice that the mushrooms have shrunk noticeably.

Now you can add the salt, pepper and white wine vinegar. I usually add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar to two handful of chanterelles.

Note that if you add salt or white wine vinegar too early, before the mushrooms have started to shrink, you might end up with a very salty dish.

Let the chanterelle cool down. While you're waiting, cut two-three slices of fresh bread, smear butter/cream cheese and add the chanterelle. Sprinkle chopped fresh parsley on top, and you have yourself a yummy chanterelle sandwich :-)
Pan-fried chanterelle on sour dough bread
Pan-fried chanterelle on sour dough bread - chanterelle sandwich

How do you cook chanterelle? Do you have a favorite recipe? Share your tips in the comment field below :-)

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