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My name is Amanda, and I making a living as a legal adviser in the Norwegian government.

On a daily basis I work with environmental, energy and water resources law, including renewable energy like wind power and hydro power plants.

Raised in a family with entrepreneurs (fashion and travel), I finally decided to further develop my creative genes. And... I love writing and sharing information! :-)

I created this site because I want to inspire you to green living in the city  ;-)

You don't have to be an environmentalist, hippie or even a scientist to make green changes in your life - only the commitment to do better for our planet.

It is important to me that you find your own way of living sustainably. Most of us can't do it all. We have jobs, schedules and other things to do. The bigger reason why implementing green changes in your life should be motivating and fun. Not green your life because you have to, but because you want to. 

Eco in the City never demands that you have to sacrifice anything, but instead, I provide alternatives, solutions and hopefully, some inspiration :-)

Why start a website about sustainable living ideas?

With a university degree in environmental/climate law and development studies, I've grown a strong interest in ethical trade and sustainable development.

I've cared for the environment as long as I can remember, when I wrote a paper on the greenhouse effect back in elementary school, and I also got easily annoyed when my fellow students thought that dolphins were some dumb fish.

After college it continued with animal welfare, with an particular interest in the marine environment.

After several backpacking trips to Asia between 2007 and 2011, I became more aware of people's living standards and how poverty and environmental issues are connected. And also how certain governments neglect the environment.

One thing is establishing environmental policies, but what about implementing them?
Backpacking in Laos
Backpacking in Laos

Another important thing that has gotten me all wound up the last five years, is our endless consumerism. As a realist, I've come to think that consumerism will always be a part of our everyday living.

What we can do, is to reduce our consumption (even if it's a little bit) and think more sustainable in the production and consumption of clothing, food, housing and power sources.

Everything helps, even if it doesn't feel that way :-)

I'm not perfect in this area. Far from it.

I'm an ordinary introvert with an average salary, working 9-5 in my governmental job. I like my wardrobe, love to sleep and be lazy, bench-watch TV shows, try new restaurants and eat pasta, and unwind with red wine ;-)

Everyday I try to do small stuff; anything from urban farming to saving bumble bees.

I find environmental politics interesting. Not because politics in general gets me moving (trust me, it doesn't), but because it's about trying to protect the planet and in the long run reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental policies were mentioned earlier. The power to change does not only lie among the politicians and the companies. 

Here in Norway, the last five years more people have become more aware of for instance, organic food (sure, we're three steps behind pioneers like Germany and our neighbor Denmark). The long waiting lists for the few community gardens in Oslo is a certain proof of this. The other day, the newspapers wrote about "The Green Wave" referring to the increasing sales of vegetarian/vegan products in Norwegian grocery stores.

My point is; when citizens demand changes, the politicians, food chains etc. will eventually have to accommodate our needs.

We, as consumers, need to start asking questions.

And that's where Eco in the City comes in. We want to lay the foundation for you to become more eco-conscious - to provide you with practical tips, facts, news, and amazing stories from all around the world. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration! :-)

Just promise me to have an open mind!

I hope you find something you like on this site, and just contact me if you have any questions. I won't bite ;-)

Start browsing on the site - visit my archive where I've collected all posts on this site.

Amanda :)

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