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1. What is the website about?
The concept of this site is sustainable living in the city, including health, food, travel and fashion/style. I've been living in the city all my life, experiencing the challenges of urban living and at the same time thinking green.

So, how do you pull it? Do you have to live in the countryside to live sustainable? Certainly not. Do you have to be an environmentalist to implement green lifestyle changes? Nope. A hippie? Haha. No! I'll show you how! :-)

My mission is to inspire city dwellers to make (more) eco-conscious choices in their everyday life. How can you live a modern and eco-friendly life?

My take on sustainable urban living is that the tips, guides and ideas on this site should be manageable for my readers, and taking it one step at a time. No rush. Your pace. I'm here to inspire you to a greener living in the city.

Read more in the About Me post.

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2. When did you start Eco in the City?
I started the site in October 2014. When I started the site, it was called Her Indie Closet, which was about sustainable style and fashion. I expanded the brand and renamed the site on June 28, 2015 to Eco in the City.

3. What does it mean when the post says 'ootd re-use', 'ootd-quality' and so on?
Ootd stands for outfit of the day. I strive to promote a more sustainable clothing style, so instead of buying new stuff, I dig deeper into the closet and re-use what I already own. Hence the ootd-reuse.

Examples of ootd re-use posts:
Ootd reuse and good quality: Feeling Blue and Classic.

Ootd reuse: The Classic Maid of Honor.

4. Can I wrote a post for Eco in the City?
Of course! ;-) Contact me here.

5. Can we advertise on Eco in the City?
At the moment, I don't consider advertising proposals.

6. Are there any commercial links on the site?
None at all. If some day I add a commercial link, I will clearly write that the link is commercial.

Any link that I have added is a service to you - so you can read more about a topic on another page on Eco in the City, another (hopefully) helpful online website or to read about a specific product on other sites.

If you click on a link that leads to a product page, I don't receive any commission for this.

7. Can I borrow photos from your site?
Please ask first before you do! Most of the pictures are mine or borrowed from friends/family, but some are bought at iStockphoto and 123rf. I'm not allowed to lend out photos from these sites.

8. Where is the author/editor from?
The author and editor is Amanda Villaruel from Oslo, the capital of Norway (with roots from the Philippines). English is obviously not my first language, so pardon any grammatical errors and misspellings :-)

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