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Look. I know it’s hard.  You have a million and one things to do each day and trash… well… that is pretty low on your list of priorities.

But California state law (AB341) now requires apartment communities/multi-family housing with 5 or more units to recycle.  How do we make this easy?  I am so glad you asked. Here are 3 things you can implement this week that can immediately give your sluggish, non existent recycling program a jump.

  1. USE THE KIDS: Kids love collecting cans and bottles. Place a beverage container collection bin near the office and let the kids in your community know that they will get a pizza party once your property has collected a certain amount.
  2. POST SIGNS: Studies show that posting two or three recycling reminders throughout the year can increase participation by as much as 20 percent. Your hauler will help you communicate effectively with your residents with free recycling storage bags, instructional labels for dumpsters and carts, presentations, posters and fliers. Most of the time, all you have to do is ask! Or ask me to ask for you. I’d be happy to assist.
  3. MAKE SUGGESTIONS: It’s easy to unsubscribe from catalogs, retailer circulars, and coupons you don’t use. Get rid of the clutter by simply taking your name and address off their mailing lists. Send suggestions like these out with your monthly resident newsletter.  Place a recycling container near the mailboxes for easy disposal of junk mail.  Label it in big letters: JUNK MAIL to encourage residents to not contaminate it with trash.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be.  And if you are really ready to implement a program that not only meets the state requirements but also saves you money and possibly makes money for your property, give me a call at (415) 299-0507 or email me at I would be happy to evaluate your property for free.

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